10 Incredible Rugs from Georgia

Combs from Genesis by Jaipur

Georgia has a lot of amazing things: from the historical beauty of Savannah to the exciting city of Atlanta, to Helen’s mountainous, rustic charm. And we can’t forget Georgia’s famous juicy peaches. Some fun Georgia facts: Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River. There are 350 species of birds in Georgia, and 65 threatened and endangered plant and animal species. And Georgia was the first state to lower the legal voting age from 21 to 18, in 1945. Now that these completely random Georgia facts are running around in your mind, hopefully, you’ve got a better taste of what Georgia is like. It is one of those states that’s got a little bit of everything: the city, the country, the woods, the mountains… and the rugs! Yes, you heard us. The rugs! There are a number of prominent rug producers in Georgia that are featured on plushrugs.com… and now is the chance to explore them!

We picked ten companies based in Georgia that produce and design gorgeous rugs. Many of these companies partner with expert craftsmen abroad, but they’re all based in Georgia. These companies are Surya, Chandra, Kathy Ireland, Jaipur, Kaleen, Art Carpet, Karastan, Nourison, Momeni, and Oriental Weavers. Each company has its own personal charm, and each rug is different in a special way. But they all have one thing in common: they’re amazing, in their color, material, and design. Read on to discover ten incredible rugs from Georgia!

Blue Striped Zebra Rug by Surya

RUA-1004 from Rusak by Surya

This eclectic blue striped zebra rug by Surya is a gorgeous accent piece that can add a spark of excitement to any living room. The teal stripes breathe a new life into traditional animal print rugs (and no worries, this rug is 80% acrylic and 20% polyester so it’s cruelty-free). The rug’s unusual shape and color will certainly make this a unique buy. Although the bright turquoise might be daunting, it’s incredibly easy to integrate this rug into your room- try matching it with similar shades of blues and shiny golds.

Plush Red Rug by Chandra

GIU-27807 from Giulia by Chandra

Have you ever had a craving for a soft, red rug to sink your toes in after a long day? Well, search no further. This lovely plush rug is stained the color of deep red wine- a classy choice for your living room. And, like a fine glass of wine, you have to pair it with the right colors: consider ivory and gold pieces to match! Hand-woven from India, this pet-friendly rug looks simultaneously sophisticated and cozy: we just want to run our fingers through its plush surface.  What a gorgeous piece to blanket hardwood floors!

Illusion Rug by Kathy Ireland

KI241 from KI Illusions by Kathy Ireland

This striking rug will take your breath away. A member of the KI Illusion collection by Kathy Ireland, this beauty comes in two colors: a sharp black, and a deep navy. The rug looks like somebody scratched a paintbrush over the creamy ivory background, creating an edgy, expressive piece that’s more like art on your floor than a rug. With a jaw-dropping accent piece like this, it might be a little intimidating to find items that match this rug. But don’t stress- just keep it simple, and let your rug do the talking. Trust us- this rug’s got a lot to say (don’t worry, all of it’s good).

Combs Rug by Jaipur

Combs from Genesis by Jaipur

This spunky geometric rug by Jaipur (part of the Genesis collection) is perfect for your contemporary room. It’s hand-tufted, made of wool and viscose, originating from India. The pattern is complete with a hexagonal honeycomb pattern and three-dimensional cubes in multiple shades of gray and tan. There’s also a splash of orange near the sides, which adds a fun new dimension to this classic rug! When decorating, this orange is perfect to work with; just add pieces of the same color (whichever shade is your favorite!) to compliment those bright pops of color.

Marble Rug by Kaleen

MBL01 from Marble by Kaleen

This striking marble rug by Kaleen (part of their aptly-named Marble collection) comes in two beautiful colors: blue and graphite. With swirls of different shades of the base colors, mixing with shiny gold streaks to create a wonderfully textured pattern that seems to capture the apparent movement of marble so effortlessly. This accent rug is guaranteed to take your visitors’ breath away. When decorating with this piece, drawing out the golds of the rug with little flecks of gold throughout your room is definitely the way to go.

Tranquil Rug by Art Carpet

Tranquil from Palm Coast by Art Carpet

The Tranquil rug by Art Carpet- part of the Palm Coast collection– will bring a tropical twist to any room! It comes in three colors: a bright, cheery aqua; a dark beige; and a relaxing light blue. Each rug has the same pattern of sprawling palm leaves and radiant hibiscus flowers. The plant pattern will do a great job of bringing the outdoors in and bringing some light and refreshing radiance to your room. It’s made of polypropylene perfect for indoor and outdoor use- so feel free to put the rug outside on your patio or deck! Imagine seeing this lovely tropical rug, surrounded by potted palms and flowers. A rug come to life!

Alabaster Rug by Karastan

91193-70040 from Cosmopolitan by Karastan

The Alabaster Rug by Karastan, part of their Cosmopolitan collection, is machine-made here in the U.S! The snakeskin pattern is made with such detail that it almost seems like you would be able to feel the scales if you were to brush your fingers up against the rug. But don’t worry- no snakes were harmed in the making of this rug! It’s made with viscose accents and triexta SmartStrand Silk yarn (a durable, reliable material!)- the perfect silky soft blend for your feet. Grab this cool and classic rug for a certain statement piece for your living room– best paired with shiny silvers and golds.

Flame Rug by Nourison

PRS13 from Prismatic by Nourison

This rug is HOT. With the illusion of a flame enveloping your rug, this piece is sure to be a hit wherever you put it. The cool blue background is a stark contrast to the fiery blend of reds and oranges which spread across the rug. Because of its dual color scheme, you can pair this rug with either bright reds, or deep blues- it’s your call! A hand-tufted beauty that’s 50% wool and 50% Luxcelle, this rug is pet-friendly and soft! In this case, the floor really is lava.

Paint Rug by Momeni

CAS19 from Casa by Momeni

If you ever wondered what an artists’ canvas would look like on your floor, look no further. This incredible rug looks like it’s splattered with pastel watercolors: mainly a dark, intense blue and a magenta, with the colors blending together at some points. This rug is every artists’ dream; the splashes and drips of paint add a unique beauty to this piece. When decorating, remember the golden rule with accent pieces: don’t overpower them! This rug would go well with dark, oaky woods, and creamy furniture. Try to keep it light with colors, but when you match smaller pieces with your rug, try to keep within the same shade range of magentas and blues. A little bit of complementary color-matching never hurt!

Oriental Rug by Oriental Weavers

564B from Joli by Oriental Weavers

This striking blue oriental rug includes every hue of the rainbow- sure to cheer up any room! Its intricate design is exemplified by its varied color scheme, so each small design is stark against the blue background. This rug originates from Egypt, and it is a machine-woven, 100% polypropylene beauty, part of the Joli collection by Oriental Weavers. When pairing items with this rug, we would suggest solid, neutral furniture, with pops of that wonderful cheery blue that we love so much in this rug.

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