A Beginner’s Guide to Accent Rugs

ADR204F from Adirondack by Safavieh

Decorating a home can be a fun task to embark on with loved ones. Even when everything looks finished, you may ask yourself if any areas of your home can still use something extra to improve the space.

Accent rugs are a great way to easily improve a room. They’re small enough to place in just about any space and can be mixed and matched with the other decor in the room. Since they’re smaller than other rugs, you can use them in a variety of ways to decorate your home. Make sure they match the other decor in the room in some way. Here is a beginner’s guide to finding accent rugs to help you finish decorating your home.

What is an Accent Rug?

BBE-2307 from Berber Shag by Surya

An accent rug is generally a small rug that can be placed in areas where larger rugs wouldn’t fit. They’re generally 4’x6′ or smaller. Because of their length, runners don’t fit the accent rug category. Accent rugs generally have simpler designs because there’s just not space for more intricate ones. When used the right way, they can really make a room feel complete.

Accent rugs don’t have to be used in exclusively small spaces, however. Brighten up a kitchen by placing one at the foot of the sink. This can add some design to the kitchen and also hide any food or drink spills that happen to find their way to the floor. They can also be a great way to greet guests at the front door or mudroom.

Mix and Match with Carpet

Mix and Match with Carpet

Just because a room already has carpet doesn’t mean you can’t add accent rugs as well. Mixing and matching with carpet is a great way to fill up some extra space that you might see on the floor. You may have a room with a neutral colored carpet that needs something extra to bring the look of the room together. An accent rug can do the trick.

Adding accent rugs on top of carpet is a very popular trend recently. Mix and match the colors, designs and even shape of the rug to create variety, but make sure that it has something similar to the carpet or rest of the room so that it doesn’t stick out in an odd way. Purchase a rug with a similar color, pattern, or material that you see in the rest of the room.

Add Color and Texture to Space

NAN215A from Nantucket by Safavieh

You may have a room that is almost put together but has an empty space or two that keeps it unbalanced and unfinished looking. Bringing in a small rug can pull the look of the room together. You may even be able to use several accent rugs. Adding color and texture to space is a great way to complete the look in a room. A room with very little color, texture, or lines can look alive and interesting with the right accent rugs in place. You might place one at the entrance of a room and another in a spot where there is not much going on.

Mix up the textures and lines by adding an interesting accent rug that has both. Add bold colors with accent rugs in one color or use rugs with just some colors that are similar to ones that are already being used in the room. Make sure the rug has something similar to the room to bring the entire look together.

Use in Small Spaces

ADR204F from Adirondack by Safavieh

Accent rugs are a great way to fill up small spaces, but also look great at the foot of a sink or in an entryway because they can hide stains that might otherwise end up on the floor. Many holiday and seasonal rugs look great here as well, especially if they are matched up with other similar decor. A bathroom that is in need of some color would look great with a few rugs in just the right places.

Kid’s rooms are another great place to find small spaces for accent rugs. If there is a small piece of furniture or decor that has some extra space around it, bring in a rug to make that area the focal point of the room.

Use with Larger Rugs

Vintage Mackenzie from Casablanca by NuLoom

Mix and match accent rugs with large rugs in a room. Many rugs come in several shapes and sizes. You can find many rugs with the same design in several sizes. This will keep the look nice and uniform. You can also mix and match rugs that are different as well. If you choose to mix and match different types of rugs, make sure they are similar in at least one way. Maybe each rug is decorated with lines or share a color. The texture can also be the same.

If you randomly pick rugs in different sizes the rest of the room will look disjointed. Use something already in your room to sync up the rugs with the rest of your room and decor. Use your imagination and have fun choosing different sized rugs for your home.

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