15 Gorgeous Chevron Rugs

MNC220F from Monaco by Safavieh

Adding rugs to a room can really improve your home when done the right way. There is an endless selection of colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, styles, and materials to choose from. If the choices are overwhelming, one classic and recognizable design is Chevron. Chevron rugs are usually woven in a zigzag pattern with alternating stripes. It can also be referred to as a herringbone pattern. This look can be a simple two-color pattern to a more intricate look with many colors woven into each other. Get some inspiration by checking out these 15 gorgeous chevron rugs.


RWS-6200 from Rainbow Shag by Surya

For those who enjoy a lot of color in one room, the RWS-6200 rug is for you. This multi-colored rug is machine made with 100% polypropylene in Turkey. You can get this rug in several sizes to meet the spacing needs in your home. This rug would look great on a hardwood floor to spice up the dark floor with the rainbow colors on the rug.


FRS389A from Four Seasons by Safavieh

This gorgeous predominantly blue rug is from Four Seasons by Safavieh. It is hand-hooked with polypropylene. The blues, brown, cream, and gold stripes in the rug make this a great addition to a white or neutral colored room that you want to add some color to. Add it to a light colored living room or study to bring extra colors in.


COS-9276 from Cosmopolitan by Surya

If you enjoy reds and other dark colors, this rug is for you. This rug is hand-tufted in 100% Acrylic from China. The deep burgundy, blues, and purple really make this rug an eye catcher. If you have a living room couch in one of these colors, getting this rug can solidify the room through color. Mix and match with other colors and decor for a unique look.


PC-14 from Panache by Loloi

Do you want to bring blue into your home? Then consider this beautiful multi-blue Chevron rug by Loloi. It is hand hooked in India. Add some color to an all-white room by adding one of these rugs as a focal point. The thin white stripes can pull together the look while bringing in some color to a neutral room. Adding blue and white decor will also harmonize the look you are going for.


FT-604 from Frontier by Surya

Another rug for blues lovers is FT-604 by Surya. This wool rug is hand woven in India. Pet lovers will appreciate the pet friendliness and durability of this rug. Place this rug over a dark wood floor to brighten up the room. This rug is available in several sizes to place a few rugs in a room or disperse throughout the house to give your home a uniformity with decor and design.


TAL-1003 from Talitha by Surya

TAL-1003 is a blue lover’s dream come true. The chevron stripes shift up and down, giving the rug a three-dimensional feel. It’s hand woven in India from high-quality wool. This rug would look great in a blue or neutral bedroom.


CAM139G from Cambridge by Safavieh

For a more simple look, try CAM139G. This Chevron wool rug is hand tufted in India. This blue and white rug comes in several sizes and shapes to meet your space and style needs. Place one large rug as the focal point in a room, or purchase several rugs in different sizes to mix and match throughout your home.


Quentin from Santa Fe by Bashian

The Quentin rug is great for those who just want to bring in a little something extra to a room in their home. The Quentin is from Santa Fe by Bashian and is hand crafted in leather. The rug is made in soft cream colors that mix with the stripes to give this rug plenty of texture and pattern. Add it to a living room to break up lines or bring in some texture.


Penelope from Transit by Artistic Weavers

Brighten up any room in your home with the Penelope rug. The Penelope is hand tufted in 100% wool and made in India. This durable rug can withstand pets and small children. Place a circular or small rectangular rug in a children’s room to brighten it up. You can also mix and match it with other Penelope rugs in different colors, sizes, and shapes.


FT-594 from Frontier by Surya

Bring some boldness into a room with FT-594. This dark grey and black rug is hand woven with 100% wool in India. Add this rug to a dark colored or all white room to bring out certain colors. Make sure to match the furniture and decor with this chevron rug. This would look great with an all black family sofa.


MNC234F from Monaco by Safavieh

Another colorful pick is MNC234F. This diversely colored rug is power loomed with 100% polypropylene in Turkey. Not sure where to place this beautiful rug? Find a room where some of these colors dominate to complete the look. If you are still putting the rest of the room together, bring in a pink loveseat to compliment the light colors in a study or living room.


12335-416 from Aurora by Mohawk Home

For those who like bringing just a little color into space, there is the 1233v5-416. This rug is from Aurora by Mohawk Home. It is machine made with 100% nylon in the USA. Place in the bedroom to add more color. You can also bring in some green, blue, purple, or gray decor to keep the style together. Mix and match with lights and darks within the same color scheme to bring the look together.


MNC220F from Monaco by Safavieh

For a subtle but colorful look, try MNC220F rug. This rug is power loomed with 100% Polypropylene and from Turkey. Brighten up a dark bedroom with this rug. Add in decor with hues of yellow, red, and blue to keep everything in the bedroom uniform for a complete look.


TAH477B from Tahoe by Safavieh

TAH477B is an eye catcher with vibrant reds, cream, and gray. This red Chevron rug is power loomed in polypropylene and could brighten up the family room. Place this multi-colored rug underneath a coffee table to make it the focal point. Bring in a matching red sofa to pull the look together with some color.


PAR356-3110 from Paradise by Safavieh

The PAR356-3110 brings subtle colors and the Chevron design together. It is power loomed in Viscose and made in Bulgaria. The mouse brown coloring would match well with a floor of similar colors or living room with light browns.

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