Six Fun Uses For A Small Rug

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When it comes to buying an area rug there really aren’t any hard and fast rules. Rugs don’t have to be only squares or rectangles and a rug doesn’t have to occupy a certain space like under a coffee table or a bed. It also does not have to take up the majority of the area of a room. Small rugs can be exciting and are easily incorporated into any room in the home.

Accent rugs that are smaller in scope are fashionable, functional and versatile, infusing style and texture into your home décor. A throw or small accent rug dresses up otherwise drab spaces like foyers, kitchens, and mudrooms by instantly bringing sparks of color. Small rugs typically do not carry a large price tag, making adding one a budget-friendly option for homeowners looking to give a space a makeover without breaking the bank. Here are our favorite overlooked spots to feature a trendy smaller rug.

Give Shoes a Welcome

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We’re all familiar with welcome mats. Mom and grandma probably had one at the front door of the home as well as the garage entrance and frequently reminded everyone to wipe their feet. The door isn’t the only place to add a small rug. A brightly patterned small rug looks adorable when put underneath a mudroom bench or hall tree and it gives people a spot for shoes as well.

Cozy up the laundry room by adding an accent rug in front of the washer and dryer, not only do you have something to spice up the space, but you also have an inviting spot to put down the laundry basket. Outdoor rugs are ideal for mudrooms, laundry rooms and foyers because those rugs are typically fashioned from more durable materials and are easily cleaned. These types of rugs are relatively inexpensive as well, making it affordable to change up the look seasonally.

Play Mat

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When children arrive many homes can quickly become lost in the chaos of baby and toddler care items and furniture as well as toys. While homes should adapt and become kid-friendly when little ones arrive, you should not have to sacrifice decorating tastes. Small rugs are a perfect pick for playrooms, under highchairs or a child-sized table and chairs set. Again outdoor rugs are an ideal choice because of their price tag and durability. Kids can play, paint and eat on the playroom rug and mom and dad can simply shake it off. If food and drink spills get messy or paintbrushes miss the paper, there aren’t any worries because spot cleaning or washing isn’t problematic.

Play rugs can also be rotated just like holiday decorations. A warm red or orange accent rug under the high chair or playroom table welcome autumn, and when Jack Frost starts nipping change it out for calming blues or chase away the winter blahs with a startling yellow throw rug. Pet owners can do the same with accent rugs under food bowls and pet beds, helping these items to blend into your room’s décor instead of sticking out.

Kitchen and Bathroom Accents

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Remember the three rug matching sets mom used to buy for the bathroom? With a neat square cut, one fit neatly around the toilet while the other found a home in front of the vanity. Of course, there was the rug-like cover for the toilet seat. Today, we are not locked into those conventional rug choices for the bathroom and kitchen. Accent rugs are an excellent addition to the kitchen and bath, but the rugs don’t need to come in pairs or matching colors.

A small outdoor rug outside of the shower or tub serves two purposes. It gives you a place to stand when you dry off and furnishes the bathroom with a bit of color too. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could also place a rug in front of the sink. If you have boys, you understand why the toilet rug and cover have gone by the wayside and a strategically placed rug between the tub and sink serves the same purpose without being a target. Highchairs and pet bowls as we said earlier are cool spots for fun patterned throws since these rugs jazz up an otherwise dead zone while providing excitement to the eye. Other inviting locations in the kitchen calling out for a delightful accent rug are in front of the stove, patio door or even the refrigerator.

Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings

In Russia, wall carpets became all the rage in the 1960s and have stuck around. There was, however, a reason for placing those not-so-stylish carpets on the walls and it is a simple one. Wall carpets provided insulation. The practice, though, was not a new one. Middle Eastern countries had been using ornately crafted rugs as wall decorations for centuries and passed the trend on to European countries in the 16th century. In Europe, fashionable wall carpets fast became a status symbol.

While it is true many of the carpet fashioned in areas like Persia are considered works of art and come with a significant price tag, using small accents as wall hangings is a trendy decorating tip. As we know, rugs are attractive to look at and come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Small rugs are budget-friendly. So, why not add one to the wall to add color and texture to a blank space? Instead of hanging a large, pricey picture over the bed, try a chic accent rug. If your bed lacks a headboard, a small rug can serve the same purpose while providing a blend of sensational hues and textures.

Porch Perfect

Palm from Terrace by Trans Ocean by Liora Manne

Using the front porch as an extension of the living room is quite common. A small accent rug on the front porch really moves beyond the traditional welcome mat and can pull together the furniture arrangement on the porch as well as the back deck.

Just remember outdoor rugs can do double duty indoors, but indoor rugs are not designed for the outside. Put an inviting rug underneath those rockers and add a couple of matching pillows for a picture perfect postcard front porch look. You’ll have even more fun changing up the accent rugs on the porch to reflect the seasons and holidays.

Layer It

Layer It

A rare palace photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton showed off their rug layering technique in a magazine layout. Layering is a relatively new decorating trend and one which is used a lot for different reasons. Perhaps you have a smaller rug you absolutely adore, but it doesn’t fill the space. Place a larger rug to cover the area and the fabulous rug on top.

Putting smaller rugs on top of already carpeted areas can be an inexpensive way to give a room a new look without replacing the entire carpet. A smart accent rug can hide a multitude of sins on a carpet like grape juice spills and pet accidents.

Just like curtains, rugs are functional accessories, providing more than simply a cozy place for your feet. Rugs brighten up a home bringing color and interest. Unlike wall to wall carpeting, smaller accent rugs allow you to enjoy the beauty of a hardwood or tiled floor while still appreciating the sophisticated style a rug brings to a room. Plus, small rugs are cute, budget-friendly and fun. So, go ahead and try out some of our playful small rug suggestions or find your own unique spot for that adorable throw you couldn’t pass up.

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