Easiest to Clean Rug Materials

There is no possible way to keep rugs completely clean, even if you are the neatest of people. So, when it comes to buying an area rug, you will definitely want to choose a durable rug material that is easy to clean.

Luckily, there are a lot of choices for durable, low maintenance rugs. Take a look at the 5 easiest to clean rug materials to make your cleaning routine a breeze.

1. Wool

MSR4324A from Martha Stewart Wool Tufted .625 by Safavieh

Wool rugs are known to be quite durable. Wool fibers are shaped like a coil or spring which helps them keep their shape and colors, even in areas of heavy use. Wool rugs naturally repel stains but are less water resistant than other rugs.

Wool rugs do tend to shed when new, so be prepared to vacuum regularly. If your wool rug gets dirty or stained, you can simply use clear dish soap and a wet washcloth to remove the stain.

2. Polypropylene

KSN306A from Kashan by Safavieh

Polypropylene is a very easy to clean synthetic rug material. Polypropylene is known for being the most durable synthetic materials. Despite being easy to clean and durable, this rug material is quite soft and comfy. All you have to do is spot clean and vacuum, in order to keep it clean.

Polypropylene is water and stain resistant. Because of this, polypropylene is often used in outdoor and entryway rugs.

3. Jute

NF266B from Natural Fiber Jute .5 by Safavieh

Jute rugs are made from natural fibers that are derived from tropical plants. This rug material is very strong and durable, as well as affordable. Jute rugs are very easy to clean when kept in dry areas.

All you have to do to keep a jute rug looking new is blot spills or stains, and hang it to dry. Additionally, you can vacuum to keep it free of dirt and grime. Be sure to keep jute rugs dry, because they are not water, mildew, or mold resistant.

4. Cotton

NAN401A from Nantucket by Safavieh

Cotton is another durable rug material that is less expensive than wool. While not as durable as wool or polypropylene, cotton rugs are very easy to clean.

If you have a small cotton rug you can simply throw it in a washing machine and let it air dry in the sun to kill odor-causing bacteria. If your cotton rug is on the larger side, you can spot and steam clean your rug.

5. Seagrass

NF114X from Natural Fiber Seagrass .25 by Safavieh

Seagrass rugs are also made from natural fibers, which are naturally stain resistant. These natural rugs are durable and easy to clean and typically maintain their earthy, natural style.

Seagrass rugs are similar to jute because they are meant to be spot cleaned or blotted. A simple vacuuming will do the trick for seagrass rugs. Seagrass rugs are naturally insulating and a great choice for larger rooms in less humid regions.

A Few Extra Rugs Tips

Lastly, here are some tips for keeping your rug clean:

  • Purchase the highest quality material you can afford.
  • Purchase the right kind of rug material to suit your lifestyle‚Äôs needs.
  • Use proper cleaning methods for your rug material.
  • Halt dirt at your door by removing shoes or using a welcome mat to clean your shoes upon entering your home.
  • If your rug material is expensive, have it cleaned by professionals on occasion.

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