Rug Materials That Hold Their Color

Vintage Erica Rug from Dream by NuLoom

Purchasing a rug to complete the look of a room can be fun or time-consuming. Besides considering the look of your rug, you want to take time to consider what material the rug is made with. You’ll want to enjoy your rug for as long as possible so make sure to find a rug that won’t lose its color over time. What type of materials should you look for in a rug then? Here is a list of rug materials that hold their color over time.


Vintage Aimee from Giza by NuLoom

Nylon is a synthetic material that is a very popular choice for rugs for many reasons. Even though nylon is more expensive than other synthetic materials, it can last for years with the right care. This durable material is diverse enough to create a variety of designs in all sorts of colors since it is so flexible in its use. As time has gone on, this synthetic fiber has been made to look and feel like silk or wool.

Nylon is durable and easy to clean dirt and stains from. If you have children, a nylon rug is a good choice. Place this whimsical nylon rug in a kid’s room to add some color. Since these rugs work well in high traffic areas, consider placing one in the hallway. Nylon rugs can be enjoyed by all in the family and last for years to come.


ECL230B from Eclipse 200 by Safavieh

Acrylic is another great rug material known for its durability. Acrylic is a wonderful material to use because it looks and feels like wool, but is less expensive. Acrylic is also easy to clean. The colors in acrylic are bright and will not fade in the sun. Don’t be afraid to purchase a beautifully colored acrylic rug, since it should be able to hold its color for you to enjoy for many years.

Acrylic is not likely to be damaged by moths like wool. Since acrylic rugs dry quickly, they are popular bathroom rugs, although you can place a nice acrylic rug anywhere in the house. This rug would look nice in a modern study or library. Low traffic areas are a good choice since some stains are hard to get out of acrylic rugs. Keep these in mind when looking for a rug that can hold its color for a long period of time.


Vintage Erica Rug from Dream by NuLoom

Polypropylene is one of the more common synthetic materials used in rugs. These rugs are also great at holding their color over time. Polypropylene rugs are great for households with pets and children because they are easy to clean. Due to their ease of cleaning, the color won’t fade because you had to clean up a spill or vacuum over your carpet.

This Braided Shay Indoor Outdoor Rug would look great on a porch during the summer to add color to the area since the color won’t fade due to the durable material its made out of. You can also place this rug in an enclosed back porch to add some color to a relaxed indoor/outdoor area. You can enjoy this rug indoors and outdoors without worrying that the color will fade over time.


FM-7218 from Forum by Surya

Wool is one of the best and most common rug materials. Wool is durable and can hold its color for many years. Wool also looks great and is soft to the touch, making it comfortable for feet to walk over and lay on while relaxing. Since wool rugs are durable and can withstand wear and tear, you can enjoy your wool rug for many years in areas of your home with high traffic.

This Hand Tufted Deonna (Multi) wool rug would add some beautiful color to your hallway. Not only does wool hold its color well, but you can get away with purchasing a rug with more intricate and colorful designs without it fading or looking worn over time.


Hand Loomed Rosa Tassel Rug from halette by NuLoom

Cotton is another durable and inexpensive rug material that can hold its color well for many years. Since these rugs are affordable and easy to clean, they are great to place in children’s rooms, kitchens, and other casual places that don’t get a high amount of traffic. Place this rug in the master bedroom or guest room for a nice, floral look. They are a great choice because you can get them in a variety of colors and designs that will fit any style.

If your cotton rug gets a stain or looks worn from use, there are several ways to clean cotton rugs. Vacuum your rug on a regular basis to keep it clean, machine wash it or even get it steam cleaned. Your cotton rug will look and feel brand new on a regular basis without fading out the color when cleaned from time to time.

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