15 Gorgeous Capel Rugs

15 Gorgeous Capel Rugs

Capel is an American rug company that has been around for over 100 years. Capel is known for their diverse selection of rugs. These rugs come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes to meet the style needs of your home. Below are 15 gorgeous Capel rugs for you to consider adding to your home.


Branch from Branch by Capel

The branch rug is a beautiful floral rug offset by a dark blue background, making the colors on the design really stand out. It is hand tufted in 100% wool and made in India. This durable and soft rug can be enjoyed in a household with pets and children. This rug would look great in a living room in similar colors with a floral theme. Place it in the center of the room, with the coffee table in the center. It can be enjoyed by family and guests for years to come.


Rich from Ferro by Capel

This durable rug can stand the test of time, no matter if adults, children, or pets walk on it. The design and combination of red, blue, brown, green, white and yellow will make this rug stand out in any room its placed in. Set it under a dining room table with wood features to match the decor while also adding color to the room. You can also add decor with the rug’s colors to make the look more uniform.


Yates from Yates by Capel

The Yates rug is decorated with intricate shapes in neutral colors on a seafoam background. The pile height is ½-inch, making it comfortable to walk or lay on after a long day. This would make a great beginner rug for those who don’t want to add too much color to a room. Place under the master bed to match with light wood colored furniture. Add lamps on either side of the bed in similar colors and designs.


4742 from Channel by Capel

4742 is another great starter rug due to its affordable price and the neutral colors. This rug is machine made in Belgium with 100% olefin. This rug would look great in an all-white bedroom to add just a little bit of color. Add some dark brown and cream furniture and decor to match with the carpet so that it doesn’t have to stand alone in the room.


Ziegler from Municipality by Capel

The Ziegler is a beautiful red and cream rug machine woven with New Zealand wool and made in the United Kingdom. This pet friendly rug would make a gorgeous addition to any cat or dog lover’s home. Place this rug under the bed in a guest bedroom decorated in reds and creams. Get the largest sized rug possible so that you and your guests can enjoy the rug, no matter where you are in the room.

Zions View

Zions View from Zions View by Capel

Zions View is a rug hand-knotted in 20% cotton and 80% recycled leather in India. This dark colored rug can hide stains and dark fur, making it an ideal rug to add to a pet-friendly family. This black and grey rug would make a great addition to a family room with a dark colored couch. Add some lighter and colorful decor to add variety and interest to the room.


Lorraine from Lorraine by Capel

The colorful Lorraine rug is loop hooked with 100% wool. This pet-friendly rug can withstand years of fur and dirt without losing its color. The blue and orange flowers with a red border and yellow background really make this rug stand on its own. Place in the center of a child’s room decorated in red and yellow to really bring out those colors in the rug.


Butte from Butte by Capel

The Butte rug is handmade in 100% leather in India. This rug would look great as the centerpiece of a study in black and grey colors. Place under the desk and office chair to create a dominant area in the room.


Constantinople from Cavalcade by Capel

The Constantinople is machine woven in 100% olefin and made in the USA. The navy blue color of the flowers and geometric designs would look great in a room needing just a little color added to it, such as a guest bedroom. Make sure to bring more blue into the room by adding a blue comforter to the bed or blue-hued decor pieces.

Mtn. Home

Mtn. Home from Mtn. Home by Capel

Mtn. Home is hand-tufted in 100% wool and made in India. This durable rug can be enjoyed for many years. The neutral browns, cream, black, and sky blue make this rug a great starter rug with colors that can blend in with just about any room. Place in a living room that has dark brown or black furniture to bring out the black in the rug while adding some color in with the sky blue background.

Left Bank

Left Bank from Left Bank by Capel

Left Bank is hand tufted in India with 100% New Zealand Wool. The blues, yellow, and brown make this a great rug to place in a boy’s room or children’s playroom. Place next to a bed or in the middle of the playroom as the centerpiece for children to play on or next to. The rug is very durable so it will last and can be enjoyed for many years.


Chevron from Elsinore by Capel

This Chevron rug is machine woven from olefin and made in Belguim. The soft blue and cream make this a great starter rug or for someone who likes just a little bit of color added to a room at an affordable price. Place in a teenager’s room that is decorated in light blues and creams. The larger rug can fit partly under the bed, or place the smaller rug next to the bed.


Hyland from Hyland by Capel

This Hyland rug is woven flat with 100% wool. This durable rug can be placed anywhere to be enjoyed for many years. Place this green and cream colored rug in a tropical living room. Place houseplants with large, green leaves all over the room to match the rug, while a cream colored couch or chairs can also match with the rug.


Patchwork from Celestial by Capel

The Patchwork rug is flat woven in 100% polyester and made in India. This black, grey, and cream-colored rug would look great in a room that needs some extra design and patterns. Each piece of the rug is woven in a different design to look like a mismatched quilt, with the colors keeping the rug looking uniform.


Oak from Classic by Capel

This colorful Oak rug would make a great addition to any room that needs some extra color added to it. Place under a dining table to make a striking centerpiece on the floor. Add a bouquet of flowers in similar colors to the centerpiece of the table, or purchase chairs with seats in yellow, red, or blue.

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