Five Most Stain Resistant Rug Materials

Vintage Aimee from Giza by NuLoom

The ideal rug provides the finishing touch on any room from a small accent rug to an attention-getting extra-large rug in the living room. A lot of thought goes into picking out just the right pattern to perfectly complement the look and feel of the space, but what about the material of the rug? For most rug shoppers, the material probably is not a consideration until the first stain happens.

When buying an area rug, finding the best material is important especially if there are children or pets in the midst. Stains occur even in the most careful of households and the odds go up when guests come over. Since you don’t want to stress over your rugs every time you entertain or whenever a little one drinks a cup of juice away from the table, consider the material the rug you’re interested in is fashioned from. To help you in your quest, here are the five most stain-resistant rug materials.


Sophia Striped Tassel from Galant by NuLoom

Polypropylene rugs have a lot of benefits even if the fiber does not feel as luxurious as others. The price tag of a polypropylene rug is very budget-friendly and they come in an array of attractive choices. When it comes to durability, polypropylene rugs rank quite high. Polypropylene rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas and even work well as outdoor rugs because the synthetic fibers are stain resistant. You can even put a polypropylene accent rug in the kitchen or bathroom because the fiber is both moisture and mildew resistant.

If a stain does happen, don’t fret. Polypropylene rugs are fairly simple to clean. If need be, wet the rug with a hose and scrub using a few drops of dish detergent. Rinse carefully and be sure to dry both sides thoroughly. Polypropylene rugs can be dried on the line, but take care to avoid direct sunlight.


Alpine from Alpine by Jaipur

Wool rugs look and feel fabulous, but the price tag may not be as affordable as polypropylene. Wool is also surprisingly resilient and a good investment if you are in the market for a stain-resistant rug. This fiber is sturdier than its soft feel suggests and actually wards off stains instead of acting like a sponge. Wool will work well in high traffic areas and is both pet and kid-friendly since it is impervious to dirt and moisture.

Regular vacuuming helps to keep dirt and dust from building up though remember not to use the beater bar when cleaning. When the inevitable stain happens, act quickly to get stains out of a wool rug using a wet towel and clear dish soap. Avoid soaking the entire rug and focus only on the stained area. Like polypropylene, don’t dry a wool rug in direct sunlight since the natural fiber is prone to fading.


Vintage Aimee from Giza by NuLoom

Nylon rugs were originally invented as a less expensive option to silk rugs. Nylon rugs contain a lot of the perks of a silk rug including the vibrant colors and pleasant feel, but the synthetic fiber has quite a few of its own fringe benefits like stain resistance and longevity. A nylon rug is a perfect pick for homes with children and or pets. Little ones will enjoy the comfortable touch when they crawl along while the four-legged friends won’t mind curling up on it for a snooze.

Overall, nylon rugs are a low-maintenance choice for any living space. If a stain does crop up, try and attend to it as soon as possible. First, try blotting with warm water and a clean cloth. If that doesn’t work, add dish detergent to the warm water.


MTK950E from Montauk .25 by Safavieh

Cotton is a hundred percent natural and an excellent option if you are searching for a stain-resistant rug. Cotton rugs don’t repel dirt and stains like wool rugs. Instead, cotton rugs are high on the list because this natural fiber is easy to clean. When stains happen, cotton rugs can simply be tossed in the washing machine. Remember, cotton does shrink so avoid putting cotton rugs in the dryer after removing a stain. Air dry instead.

Just like cotton clothing, cotton rugs are appealing. Cotton rugs are cozy to the touch and are available in a wide, stylish range of colors, styles, and piles. Use cotton rugs in high-traffic zones and when kids and pets are in the equation. You also don’t have to hide them when guests come over.


NF115P from Natural Fibers 100 by Safavieh

Natural fiber rugs are an environmentally friendly choice and when it comes to seagrass, the fiber is an excellent pick for stain resistance. Seagrass has a natural wax-like coating that repels dirt making it extremely stain resistant. This fiber holds up well over time, but it doesn’t have the array of color choices that other rug materials have. The color choices range from seagrass’ native khaki tan to sage green.

Seagrass rugs do not sport the soft, inviting feel of wool or cotton rugs and like hemp and jute rugs, seagrass is not the best option for moisture-prone areas such as the bathroom or laundry room. If you love environmentally-friendly rugs that are chic, durable and stain resistant, seagrass leads the pack. When a stain hits, spot clean with a paper towel or a clean cloth before mixing equal parts of water and a very mild dish detergent. Using a sponge, begin cleaning from the outer ring of the stain toward the center.

While it makes sense to rug shop with style in mind, searching for a fashion-forward rug made from durable, stain-resistant material is a more pragmatic way to go. Stains are just a fact of living and taking that into consideration will save you a lot of stress.

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