12 Sherpa Rugs to Last the Winter

SHS-9603 from Sheepskin by Surya

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to think about ways to make your home warm and cozy during these cold months. Thick, luxurious rugs that you want to sink your cold feet in or wrap yourself with will work perfectly this time of year. Fuzzy faux fur animal shaped rugs and super plush shag rugs can give you the feel of a warm throw blanket just in time for winter in your home. Below are 12 sherpa rugs to last the winter that you can add during these colder months.


Urba1 from Urban Safari by Nourison

URBA1 is from Urban Safari by Nourison. It is handcrafted in 100% polyester and made in India. Feel warm and cozy this winter by placing this faux fur rug in the middle of your living room floor. The ½ inch pile height will keep your toes warm during the colder months. Match with a white or black couch and add some colorful decor to keep the room looking warm and inviting.


4201-900 from Luxe by Dynamic Rugs

The 4201-900 is from Luxe by Dynamic Rugs. This icy grey colored rug is table tufted in 100% polyester. Sink yourself into the 8 inches of pile height this winter. This durable and pet friendly rug can be enjoyed for many years. Place this rug in a white colored bedroom to add some shades of grey, as well as some warmth into the room.


CX001A from Connex by Rizzy

The CX001A is from Connex by Rizzy. This beige and brown rug is hand tufted in 100% polyester and made in India. This is a very pet friendly and durable rug. This would make a great starter rug for the warmer months due to the neutral color scheme. Bring in just a little bit of color with the brown lines under the coffee table of your living room and to break up the lines in the room.


CO8371 from Commons by Rizzy

The CO8371 is from Commons by Rizzy. This multi-colored rug is hand tufted in 100% polyester and made in India. This would appeal to those who are just starting to add rugs to their home due to the muted brown, black, grey, and white colors in the stripes. Sink your feet in during those cold, winter nights.


DEN-5000 from Denali by Surya

The DEN-5000 is from Denali by Surya. This rug is hand woven in 100% wool in India. The dark green details set against a cream background make this a great rug to add to a living room that needs some lines. Make sure there are other cream and dark green elements in the room. You can also bring in some houseplants with dark leaves to decorate the room.


SHS121D from Sheep Skin by Safavieh

The SHS121D is from Sheep Skin by Safavieh. This handmade sheepskin rug is made in China. Enjoy this fuzzy rug with your pet as you settle in for the night near your fireplace. You can also bring the look into your hallway a runner. These rugs would look great with rustic and animal-inspired decor, such as animal prints or antlers on the walls.

Terrel Solid Faux Sheepskin

Terrell Solid Faux Sheepskin from Fluffy by NuLoom

The Terrell Solid Faux Sheepskin is from Fluffy by NuLoom. This rug is great for those who like the animal skin look at a cheaper price. The faux skin rug is machine made in 100% acrylic. The two inch pile height on these rugs makes them a cozy addition during the winter. Add some other cozy, white elements or holiday decor to match.


SHS-9603 from Sheepskin by Surya

Another animal inspired rug is the SHS-9603. This cozy rug is from Sheepskin by Surya. It is hand crafted in 100% sheepskin. Place this chocolate colored rug in the middle of the living room floor for extra warmth and depth.


RHA-1034 from Rhapsody by Surya

The RHA-1034 is from Rhapsody by Surya. This fuzzy rug is hand woven in Wool and polyester and made in Belgium. This rug would look great in a guest bedroom during the winter months to add some warmth in the room. Make sure to add a blanket to the bed in a similar pattern, or look for scarves with similar lines.


SGD257R from Dallas Shag by Safavieh

The SGD257R rug is from Dallas Shag by Safavieh. This cream and red rug is machine made in 100% polypropylene and made in Turkey. Place this 2-inch pile height rug in the living room for added warmth and to add some color for the holidays. Add some red and cream elements in the living room as well.


AT13 from Arturro by Dalyn

The AT13 is from Arturro by Dalyn. This rug is machine made in polyester and polypropylene. Splashes of indigo, grey, and cream decorate this pet-friendly rug. This is a great rug to add to a neutral room where you want to bring out just a little bit of color. Place in the middle of a boy’s bedroom with a bed comforter and decor in similar colors.


AT6 from Arturro by Dalyn

The AT6 is also from Arturro by Dalyn. This animal print rug is machine made in polyester and polypropylene. 2 inches of pile height make this a great rug to feel warm in during the colder months of winter. Place in the bedroom halfway under or next to the bed. The comforter should be in similar blues and creams to match the rug.

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