Creating an Inviting Space

Creating A Cozy Room

Turn any room in your house into an inviting space that people love by considering a few design elements. Tweak colors, fabrics and furniture arrangements in your house to transform a dull room into a space people will compliment and enjoy. Here are several tips for sprucing up a tired space.

Color It Bold or Bright

Color It Bold or Bright

For an all-white or neutral room, add a throw pillow, area rug or chair with blues, lilacs, mint green or darker colors like purple or magenta. Paintings and other artwork can add color and spark to otherwise bland walls, but make sure to choose artwork that fits in with a room’s theme and color palette. If you’re confused about what type of art to buy, try abstract sculpture or paintings, which fit well in any room.

Use a mirror near your living room window to make the space seem warmer and larger.

Cozy Seating

Cozy Seating

Unless you want a stark chrome and white living room, cozy chairs and sofas should be part of the ambiance. Accent chairs can deviate from the norm and still be inviting, like a denim chair instead of upholstered or leather seating. A sheep ottoman made of Pecora wool is a wonderful accent piece and doubles as storage space.

The type of seating you buy isn’t the only concern when making a cozy room. The arrangement should make moving around easy. Make sure there’s enough space for guests to get from one part of your living room to another without squeezing in between the chair and the sofa. Think about making it easy for guests to traverse your living room, kitchen, hallway, and dining room before setting out new furniture.

Don’t overlook cozy, attractive seating on your patio or porch, either. Group outdoor furniture according to its intended use. Put the dining furniture in one area and the living furniture in a separate area for relaxing and conversation.

If you entertain outdoors a lot, this wicker seating area/daybed will give your guests a cozy place to converse, or you can use it for a quick outdoor nap.

Make Every Room Comfortable and Inviting

Make Every Room Comfortable and Inviting

Even though you spend most of the time alone in your home office, make it more appealing for occasional guests by adding ambient overhead lighting from a ceiling fan or an old-fashioned banker’s lamp on your desk.

Choose seating and accents that are true to your personality. Don’t feel your home office needs to mimic a corner office downtown. Use throw pillows or blankets on chairs (or a sofa) and fill shelves and bookcases with photos or mementos that reveal your interests.

Your family spends a lot of time in the bathroom, so update the walls by using a gloss or semi-gloss paint in a new color. Replace fading linoleum flooring with mosaic tiles or eco-friendly bamboo flooring.

You can also install new frosted or partial-frosted glass, or even place natural fiber shades over regular glass windows. Add a vanity bench with a waterproof woven seat to make dressing easier.

Unique but Space-Appropriate Furniture

Unique but Space Appropriate Furniture

If you usually adhere to the latest furniture trends or buy pieces from popular retailers, your home may have a cold, generic look. Add a pop of color with accent rugs or pillows. Reupholster existing chairs with an unusual pattern, or add ornate bookends on one of your shelves.

The shape of your kitchen table makes the difference between a crowded and well-proportioned space. An oval or rectangular table is appropriate for narrow or large rooms. Small or open spaces should have square or round tables. Fewer people sit at a round or square table, which makes it easier for people to carry on conversations. If you occasionally need to usher in an extra diner, an oval table is best.

Place a traditional or Southwestern rug underneath the table to protect flooring and make the space more colorful. Liven up kitchen storage by using a contemporary credenza with sliding doors to stash dishes, glassware, and table linens.

Add one or two unusual accents in your kitchen to liven up your dinner table. Your guests may admire this brushed nickel butter dish as it’s passed around the table, or you could use bright-colored mid-century modern dinnerware.

Look past trends and the tried-and-true styles you’ve chosen for years. Find something that will make your rooms cozy and memorable.

Get Rid of Clutter

Get Rid of Clutter

A few magazines on top of a storage trunk or photography books on a coffee table add personality to a room, but stacks of books or a pile of toys on the floor clutter up your home and may cause accidents.

Use wire-tier baskets, or footstools and storage trunks that double as furniture. These pieces keep clutter off your floors and furniture and can give your room extra pizzazz. Keep books neat on shelves (and give guests something to admire) by using distinctive bookends.

Does your Home Smell Nice?

Does Your Home Smell Nice

You may not be aware of how your home smells because you’re used to it. When you come back from your next vacation, take extra time to consider if your home has any unpleasant odors. A bad smell may emanate from mold, walls, and carpets absorbing smells or a dishwasher that hasn’t been deep-cleaned in a while.

Use vanilla incense or add a few fragrant plants in strategic places around your home to keep things smelling fresh. Avoid using strong-smelling air fresheners, and opt for a clean, natural smell instead.

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