Finding a Rug For a Guest Room

AMA05 from Amaranta by Kaleen

Whenever there is an extra room in the house, there is a tendency to make that space a drop-and-run area. If your home boasts a room earmarked for guests, resist the urge to pack it full of storage runoff and seasonal clothes. Instead, transform the area into a usable guest room that is ideal for family, friends and even sleepovers for the kids. When you have a guest room, it becomes a comfortable oasis for both visitors and household members alike. While you don’t have to turn it into a mirror image of a bed and breakfast getaway, you do want to design an inviting space that makes a guest feel at home.

Top tips for making an appealing guest room include a cozy bed, fresh linens, good lighting, a place to sit, and storage space. Make sure to keep the clutter in check and don’t forget the floors. Just like attractive bedding and curtains, you don’t want to skimp on accent rugs in the guest room. A bedside rug or a stylish accent at the foot adds the ideal touch. Since it is a guest room and not one of the main rooms in the home, you don’t necessarily want to go high-end for the carpet especially since the space will not be a high traffic area. Thankfully, there are a lot of smart options available for guest room rugs that are completely budget-friendly and totally fashion-forward.

Warm and Welcoming

MZ-04 from Madeline by Loloi

When it comes to guest room rugs, you have a lot of placement options. First, you can go with a larger rug that covers the majority of the room. Second, you can go smaller, but if you are placing the rug under the bed, it should extend at least 12 inches from the sides of a twin or full bed in order to achieve a balanced look. A cozy rug alongside the bed or placed at the foot are other choices that instantly give a guest room that toasty feel.

As far as color and style are concerned, the selections are vast. If your guest room has a white theme or is sporting mostly solid colors, look for a patterned rug to jazz it up. Shag is a cozy pick for a guest bedroom and if you have a nautical theme in mind, think jute. Jute is also an excellent budget-friendly rug choice as are polypropylene, nylon, and polyester.

Go Chevron

CAM714C from Cambridge by Safavieh

Finding just the right rug to top off a guest room can be daunting especially with the tremendous selection of styles and patterns available. If you are having trouble narrowing the choice think chevron. A traditional chevron pattern employs zigzags and has been utilized for centuries in many different ways from pottery to rugs and beyond.

Chevron comes in varying color combinations and styles. The right one can make a bold statement in a guest room especially ones where white or solids rule though. Make sure to match colors and don’t be afraid to mix a chevron rug with other patterns like florals or prints. Chevron is definitely a versatile pattern that always makes a splash and works in a variety of settings.

Fabulous Floral

SVH680N from Savannah by Safavieh

Flowers are a popular bedroom choice for beddings, curtains, and carpets, but you have to be careful not to go overboard. If you’ve already got a floral theme going, you probably do not want to cap off the look with a floral rug because the effect will be overwhelming. In a neutral room, a floral print rug is striking and will not give the guest room a decidedly feminine theme.

Since florals are considered a popular decorating pattern, you will find an abundance of affordable rug options. Polypropylene, polyester, and nylon offer up an array of affordable floral rug designs from subtle to prominent and all will work well in a bedroom setting.

Perfect Persian

AMA05 from Amaranta by Kaleen

Persian rugs have been around for more than 2,000 years. The hand-woven rugs originated in Iran and were crafted for nomads who needed to cover their floors with something that would protect them from the cold and dampness. Over the centuries, Persian rugs became highly coveted works of art sporting rather hefty price tags. The style, however, is an attractive one that is a definite guest room do.

If you are looking for a classic design to highlight your guest bedroom, a traditional rug is an amazing pick. These rugs work with a multitude of styles and become an instant focal point for the room. If you love the time-honored style of a Persian rug, it will most certainly be a welcome addition to any guest bedroom.

Chic Vintage

AML-2309 from Amelie by Surya

Going vintage for a guest bedroom rug is another option. Vintage is a decorating trend that has demonstrated longevity. Truly vintage rugs are between 25 and 50 years old. Anything older is classified as an antique. If you love vintage, adding a vintage rug to the guest bedroom is a great option. Of course, vintage isn’t a budget-friendly for a guest room so opt for a new rug in a vintage style. Shabby chic and bohemian style rugs are fabulous budget-friendly selections that will give you the sophisticated vintage style you seek.

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