Flatweave Rugs: Everything You Need To Know

Audra Tribal Diamonds Fringe Rug from Diyogi by NuLoom

Is your space in need of an upgrade? Flatweave rugs are wildly popular in modern decor today, and they are the perfect way to instantly renovate a room. They fit right into laid-back, free-spirited homes but also come in minimalist or exotic patterns. Flatweave rugs are thin, lightweight, and surprisingly durable.

One of the top trends seen in homes today is layering. Flatweave rugs are perfect for layering on top of existing foundations, which means you can easily reboot your space with a flatweave rug layered on top of what you already have.

So what exactly are flatweave rugs? Why are they so popular? And how do you decide which flatweave rug to bring into your home? We answer all of these questions and more below.

What is a flatweave rug?

Audra Tribal Diamonds Fringe Rug from Diyogi by NuLoom

A flatweave rug is created without knots. These rugs are made from verticle and horizontal fibers that are woven together to create a single piece. While flatweave rugs are incredibly popular today, they are still rooted in the historical tradition of rug making. The older styles of flatweave rugs include Chainstich rugs, Needlepoint rugs, Aubusson Weaves, and Hooked Rugs. Today’s most popular flatweave styles include Dhurries, Soumaks, and Kilims.

Flatweave rugs are thin rugs that have a no-pile construction. They are lightweight rugs that are easy to pick up and move around. They look great on hardwood floors, and they look especially fitting layered on top of natural fiber rugs. Many flatweave rugs have tassels on the ends that look great if you are going for a more boho style. You’re in luck if you love natural fibers—many flatweave rugs are made in wool, cotton, or jute.

Why are flatweave rugs so popular?

Flatweave Solid Tassel Amalia from Terrain by NuLoom

There are a variety of gorgeous popular rugs—beautiful wool or antique Persian rugs—but it can be difficult to find a rug you love that meets your price range too. Thankfully, part of the appeal of flatweave rugs is their affordability. Flatweave rugs are produced on a loom without a base material and typically take less time to make. They are made from common materials like wool, jute, cotton, and nylon which also lower prices.

In addition to being affordable, flatweave rugs are popular because they are transitional and effortless. Once you fall in love with flatweave rugs, you may find yourself collecting several. Try switching them out for different seasons. Flatweave rugs are not heavy to carry, and they can easily be moved and stored. All rugs provide the benefit of insulation, and flatweave rugs are no exception. Unlike heavier rugs that often trap the heat in the summer as well as in the winter, flatweave rugs are light and breathable and trap much less heat in the warmer months.

Maintenance made simple

DHU575E from Dhurries by Safavieh

People love flatweave rugs because they are super easy to clean. Flatweave rugs can hold up in high traffic areas as well. It’s not wise to put an expensive, antique, investment rug on the floor when you have little ones running around. Flatweave rugs are family friendly because they are made simply and hold up to foot traffic. With flatweave rugs being so thin, furniture cannot crush this type of rug, and foot traffic will leave no indents in the fibers.

Because flatweave rugs are so lightweight, you can easily pick them up and shake off any debris outside. A little soap and water can easily remove any stains. Some small flatweave rugs can even be thrown in a laundry machine. Finally, flatweave rugs also happen to be reversible, making it easy to flip if a hard-set stain occurs.

How to choose a flatweave rug

Flatweave Cotton Lina Mosaic Tassel from Palatine by NuLoom

Because of the way flatweave rugs are constructed, they have almost an unlimited variety of patterns and colors. Your flatweave rug can look more traditional, like this ornate blue rug, or this rust and ivory rug. You can find flatweave rugs with tribal prints or in an Ikat style. Try simple stripes in neutral colors, or go bold with an elephant or octopus print. Flatweave rugs come in geometric, minimalist, and more bohemian patterns.

Wool and cotton are two of the more popular materials used in flatweave rugs, but you will find that flatweave rugs come in many different materials. Others include jute, polyester, viscose, polypropylene, acrylic, and even seagrass.

Basically, if you have decided you like the convenience and style of a flatweave rug, you don’t have to worry about searching for a design that you like. Flatweave rugs truly have a style for everyone.

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