Layering Rugs: How To Make It Work

Color-coordinated Patchworks

Choosing the ideal rug is the key to make any room in your home look and feel complete. We often get caught up in finding the one perfect rug; but have you ever thought of using more than one?

Layering multiple rugs is the perfect foundation for any room and home d├ęcor style. They can fill up large spaces or be used to include more textures and colors. Read on to learn how to layer rugs and make it work.

Pattern on Pattern

Pattern on Pattern

Geometric rugs provide gorgeous visuals to your home. Traditional Turkish and Moroccan rugs add an abundance of patterns, colors, and textures to a room. If you want to add a worldly flair to your home, why not layer both a vintage wash and shabby chic?

As a rule of thumb, first lay down a plush, neutral-color rug that is appropriately sized for your room. Then, add a vibrant-hued southwestern flat-weave rug on top of it right in the center. The Vasiliki Moroccan Tribal Tassel Rug by Nu Loom would look amazing with the Olive and Beige rug by Surya in a formal living room.

Animal Print

Parker from Geology by Artistic Weavers

People who love animal prints tend to have a little wild side. Why not give a fashion-forward flair to your living space by adding an animal print rug paired with a neutral color rug? A nice beige rug paired with an earthy color and textured animal print, like leopard, allow you to add a hint of pattern.

This is a great option for those who want to walk on the wild side, but do not want to create an overwhelming space. The Leopard print rug from Capri by Linon is a wild and sexy rug that can make any living room look chic when paired with a neutral, solid color rug.

Go the Distance

Vintage Erline from Casablanca by NuLoom

If you need to fill up a long, narrow space in your home such as a hallway or foyer, skip the traditional runner. Instead, opt for two or more small or midsize flat-weave rugs. You can place one or more rugs at a slight angle. Make sure that the edges of each rug overlap to help create a unified, long look.

Use traditional style rugs, if you are looking to add effortless elegance to your mudroom or hall. If you prefer a more modern style, chose modern, colorful pieces for a more eclectic look. The Genevieve by NuLoom is a great modern option to combine other rugs with, as it has a neutral background with a bright pop of color.

Camouflage Away

Camouflage Away

People who like the look of wall-to-wall carpeting, but do not have the time or resources to install carpet, should love laying down rugs from wall-to-wall. Shag rugs help create an extra-cushiony spot on the floor to relax or play.

Using multiple rugs to hide the base flooring is a great way to camouflage flooring that you are not very fond of. The Hand Tufted Kristan Shag Rug by NuLoom offers premium durability and its solid color makes it a must for any room that you want to hide flooring imperfections in.

Create a Cozy Space

Create A Cozy Space

Often, people lay down a large rug underneath their bed to create an instantly cozy look. If you want to take it even further and have more softness underfoot, lay down a bedside rug on top of the larger rug.

You can choose any color, patterns, and texture, as this option works equally well with all variations. The Hand-Tufted Double Pelt Faux Sheepskin by NuLoom is the perfect landing spot to wake up to every morning with its plush feel.

Color-coordinated Patchwork

Color-coordinated Patchworks

Nothing is prettier in a home library or sitting area than a patchwork of vintage-looking flat-weave rugs, placed with their edges overlapping slightly. You can easily pull off this look by sticking to a truly limited color palette. Be sure to keep the scale of the patterns consistent.

Be sure to use rug pads to keep everything in place. The Vintage Moriah by Nuloom can easily be combined with other vintage style blue-hued rugs such as the Teal and Aqua rug from Paramount by Surya.

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