How to Build a Cozy Outdoor Area for Winter

Snuggle Up

The temperatures are dropping and chilly winter days lie ahead, but that does not mean that you have to abandon your outdoor spaces. A beautiful garden or patio space forgotten until spring and summer is truly a waste of space.

Despite being cold, outdoor areas can be used for entertaining or relaxing. Courtyards, gardens, porches, terraces, and balconies can be transformed into a comfy outdoor space.

Light the Fire

When it comes to building a cozy outdoor area for winter, one of the first pieces you should think of is a fire pit. They make a great focal point, provide amazing heat, and can be used all year long for cooking or simply relaxing around the fire.

Stone pizza ovens and barbecues are other alternatives to fire pits if you grill a lot and are short on space. Guests can cozy up to the lovely glow and warmth of the fire, even on the coldest days.

Places to Lounge

Places To Loungue

Choosing the right furniture helps you create a cozy outdoor area. Rattan and textured materials are durable and help provide visual warmth, especially in warm color schemes. Opt for furniture that allows for added cushions and pillows to be placed for warmth and comfort.

The Mattia 4 piece lounge set is ideal for winter, as well as spring, summer, and fall. This versatile set can be loaded up with cushions and pillows or stripped down to create a cool space during warmer months.

Snuggle Up

Snuggle Up

Winter’s chill calls for cozy warmth. There is no better way to get cozy and warm than adding a bunch of cushions, pillows, and throws to your outdoor furnishings. Winter is a time for bold colors that evoke feelings of warmth. Think deep reds and burgundy, and all shades of yellow and brown.

It is important to create an overall look and feel of a comfy place to snuggle in luxury, despite the frigid temperatures. With its knitted texture, the Timothy throw in burgundy is sure to provide plenty of visual and physical warmth all winter long.

Lights so Bright

Lights so Bright

Another way to build a cozy outdoor space is to include candles and outdoor lighting options. There is nothing cozier than twinkling lights positioned just right.  Lighting options create highlights and turn trees and shrubs into focal points with shadows lingering around them to add a touch of mystique.

A dark bronze slim lantern is a great option. The glow of the light, along with the bronze will make you feel like you are at a log cabin.

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