10 Gorgeous Green Living Room Rugs

MTK150Y from Montauk .6 by Safavieh

Are you looking for a rug in a great color to add to your living room? There are plenty to choose from. A search for the perfect rug can be daunting if you are not sure what to look for. Narrowing down a part of the rug, such as the color, can help. Below are 10 gorgeous green living room rugs you can add to your home to complete your living room.


M-5454 from Mystique by Surya

The M-5454 rug from Mystique by Surya is a great rug for those who prefer more subtle colors in their rugs, such as this beautiful olive green. The Mystique is hand-loomed in 100% wool and made in India. The soft colors and geometric designs would look great in a living room dominated by creams or neutrals. Match the rug with a pretty set of olive drapes or place a throw with a similar color on the sofa.


SZN102A from Suzani .63 by Safavieh

The SZN102A is from Suzani .63 by Safavieh. This multi-colored rug is hand-hooked in 80% wool and 20% cotton and made in India. The purple and green really stand out in the rug and compliment each other. Use the round rug in a reading corner of the living room, next to a chair and side table.


LND125X from Linden 100 by Safavieh

Another olive colored rug is the Linden-100. This rug is from Linden 100 by Safavieh. It is power-loomed in 100% polypropylene and made in Ukraine. This pet-friendly rug has floral and geometric shaped repeated all over the rug and bordered in cream. Place the large rectangular rug underneath the coffee table and halfway under the couch. Use cream colored furniture or decor to keep the rug the main focal point of the room. 


MTK150Y from Montauk .6 by Safavieh

The MTK150Y is from Montauk .6 by Safavieh. This green and black rug is hand woven in cotton and from India. The woven black and green parts make the rug appear a dark green from a distance. This rug is great for those who prefer rugs with minimal design. Black, light and dark green braids border each side with a tassel at the end. Furniture with dark brown or black metal parts can bring this look together in the living room.


RMB-1000 from Rumba by Surya

For those who enjoy a more colorful look, there is the RMB-1000. The RMB-1000 is from Rumba by Surya. The rug is hand loomed in 100% polyester and made in India. The rolled look of the rug and the addition of other colors make it striking wherever its placed. This pet-friendly rug would look great in the middle of a living room as the focal point, under the coffee table.


APN506A from Aspen by Safavieh

The APN506A is from Aspen by Safavieh. This traditional looking rug is hand-knotted in 100% wool and made in Pakistan. Gorgeous floral elements decorate all parts of this rug. Sage and brown are the dominant colors, although cream, red, and black are also used. Match this rug with cream or brown furniture with some color in the decor, such as red.


HNO-1002 from Hannon Hill by Surya

The HNO-1002 is from Hannon Hill by Surya. This olive and light gray rug is hand tufted in 100% wool and made in India. The neutral colors in the rug make it a great rug for those who enjoy just a little color added. Place next to a gray family couch with olive and cream colored decor throughout the room. A black or gray coffee table placed on top of the rug is a great way to keep the rug the main focus of the room.


CAM714C from Cambridge by Safavieh

The CAM714C is from Cambridge by Safavieh. This chevron rug is hand tufted in wool and made in India. The green and ivory stripes in the familiar Chevron design would make a great addition to any living room space. Pair up the rug with cream or white furniture. Add some green elements to go with the green in the rug, such as some houseplants located all over the living room.


Eva from Hilda by Artistic Weavers

The Eva rug is from Hilda by Artistic Weavers. This lime, cream, and gray rug is hand-tufted in 100% wool and made in India. The lime colored geometric shapes and lines stand out against the cream background with gray at two ends of the rug. Place this rug in the middle of the living room with gray furniture to keep the rug matching with the furniture in the room.  


LMU-2001 from Limu by Surya

For those who enjoy an animal print look, check out the LIMU-2001 from Limu by Surya. This gorgeous green rug is handcrafted with hair on hide and from Brazil. This hide made rug would look great in a living room that is already decorated in green or has an animal theme. Keep the furniture in neutrals and browns to add a rustic look. Make sure to add some green elements to the room, such as some houseplants and green decor.

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