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Incorporate texture

So you’ve just moved into your loft in the middle of the big city – and the question now arises, how to decorate a large one-room space? Good question. It’s important to keep in mind that since your loft is one room, you’ll want to use rugs purposefully in order to create separate living areas in your space.

Clearly, creating a floor plan and using rugs strategically has many benefits, but you’ll also want to be careful to do some additional research before making your rug purchases. How do your existing furnishings fit in the space? Which areas of your loft will be used for what purposes? All of these questions and more are important to consider before moving into your loft. Our loft rug buying guide will help you understand how you can best incorporate rugs large or small into your space.

Establish ‘rooms’ for the floor plan

Half the fun and half the challenge of living in a loft are the unclear boundaries between living spaces. When your entire apartment is one massive room, it can be hard to know how to furnish appropriately so that the entire space is sectioned off. Using rugs to divide areas of your loft into separate sections is highly effective – a technique that interior designers have used again and again.

When you have so much space available in a loft, it can be difficult to know where to start. Think of where you want to create your bedroom, living room, and office space. Once you have the purpose for each area decided, arrange your rugs strategically to fit your needs.

Choose the right rug size

Choose the right rug size

Using a large area rug is an effortless go-to solution when trying to divide areas of your loft. A frequent mistake that many homeowners make is purchasing a rug that’s too small for the space. Be sure your rug is large enough so that enough furniture can be arranged on top without looking too crowded. The larger is usually better, but be sure to take the measurements of your space before purchasing any furnishings.

It’s a good idea to use a large rug to cover your entire living room, dining room, and bedroom. Although concrete floors do have major trend appeal, concrete is quite cold underfoot especially in the winter months. Adding a rug as a base layer in most areas of your loft will bring in warmth and a sense of luxury. A good example is the 9’2”x12’6” sized rug from Tiziano by Kaleen.

Layer smaller rugs on top of larger rugs

COT-1935 from Continental by Surya

Having a large rug in your loft means you can layer smaller rugs on top of your larger rug. You might at first think this look is unusual, but in fact, it is a common design in homes everywhere. Layering a plusher rug atop a sisal rug, for example, is a great combination because the sisal is durable and suitable for heavy traffic areas, while the smaller rug on top is perfect for sinking your toes into.

For example, try this large sisal rug that comes in a marble/dark grey color. Its neutral colors and textures make it a great rug to layer with. Then, top the sisal rug with a trendy cowhide rug. The added layer of dimension is sure to turn heads with your houseguests!

Match your color palette

Match your color palette

Traditional homes with multiple rooms are often able to play with a variety of colors and moods throughout each room. This is very different, however, for a loft – especially if you can see your entire space in one glance. Therefore, creating a cohesive color scheme is very important when designing your loft. Usually, many lofts tend to hold a neutral color palette including whites, browns, beiges, and greys.

When all the colors in your loft are put together well, your space will appear neater and more organized. Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t toss in a little color in here and there. A blue rug can match beautifully with either a light or dark grey sofa, like this one from Harput by Surya.  You can even try a bolder color, too, as long as the rest of your furnishings are primarily muted. Try this rug by Imprints Modern by Kaleen in wasabi to infuse energy into your space.

Incorporate texture

Incorporate texture

Whether it’s a silk or a shag rug, incorporating texture into your loft will add dimension and visual appeal. Especially if your rug is a neutral color, showcasing texture will spruce up your space even more. Also, a rug with plenty of luxurious texture serves as a contrast to the wood or concrete floor in your loft.

To achieve the look, choose a rug that that instantly makes you want to sink your feet into. A shag rug is often a great choice for this, like this one from Rhapsody by Surya. However, also keep in mind the amount of foot traffic your space will receive. If you’re looking for a happy medium between comfort and durability, a silk rug might be your best choice. This silk rug from Solitaire by Kaleen brings in a delicate mint color and a gentle pattern that will also be smooth to the touch.

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