How to Find a Hygge Rug

Candice Faded Shaggy from Easy Shag by NuLoom

As the weather cools, the popularity of hygge is on the rise. Hygge means anything cozy and comforting, from a roaring fire to curling up on the couch under a chunky knit throw with a cup of hot chocolate. One of the best ways to exude this desired feeling and warmth is with a rug, especially if your floors are wood or tile. A rug can transform the entire mood and vibe of a space, creating an inviting, warm space that otherwise would be cold and sparse. When choosing a rug for the purpose of creating a more hygge atmosphere, you can look for rugs that contribute to this feeling in a variety of ways.

High Pile

CYS-3419 from Cloudy Shag by Surya

Any high-pile rug will anchor the room in perfect hygge style. The high pile look not only provides the appearance of warmth and comfort, but it feels cozy as you sit by the fire. High pile rugs, with their rich textures and soft look, instantly exude hygge in any room but especially when paired with a soft, fabric couch and cushions. Plus, high pile rugs come in such a variety of looks, colors, textures, and materials, you have a multitude of choices within the category, leaving room for taste and creativity.


Vasiliki Moroccan Tribal Tassel Rug from Diana by NuLoom

A shag rug is one of the most obvious choices for creating a hygge mood. A shag rug textually feels hygge while also looking just as cozy as it feels. Picture a soft shag rug in a light gray or tan wood floor in front of a fireplace or lining the long, cold hallway, and you get the picture of how much more hygge a room can be when the right rug is added. Bare feet or extra-cozy socks feel amazing on shag rugs.

Pair it with a soft, suede couch in the family room and chunky knit throw, and it’s the perfect rug to curl up with a warm beverage and rest your feet on. Shags are not just for the 60’s, as this style has come full circle and is now used throughout a variety of contemporary homes, in a variety of design styles. You’d be surprised at the different looks you can find among shag and high-pile styles.


Hand Tufted Ofelia from Anaheim by NuLoom

Another choice for the optimal hygge rug is a wool rug, like the Hand Woven Chunky Woolen Cable Rug. Wool looks and feels warm, and this chunky hand-woven rug presents the added look of being homemade. With a one-inch pile height and textured, flat weave, this rug will feel luxurious on bare toes. Plus, you may find pets gravitate toward its warmth, and your furry children will end up adding another layer of the hygge aesthetic to the room. Wool is not only a practical choice as it adds literal warmth to the room but will last a long time.

Warm Tones

SGL303H from Laguna Shag by Safavieh

If opting for a bit more color, stick to warm tones, as they add a visual warmth to the room as well. The Vineyard Rug from Atlas mixes reds and beige and other warm tones in an attractive blend and pattern without overwhelming the room. This spot of color on an otherwise neutral floor or next to other warm tones will fit in perfectly with the hygge theme, adding warm colors and feelings, whatever the other decor. Warmth is always in, but especially in the cold winter months.

Neutral Colors

Candice Faded Shaggy from Easy Shag by NuLoom

Neutral colors blend in with almost any decor and keep the focus on the texture rather than any loud color or pattern. This Cream Rug from Santorini Shag adds texture and warmth without a distracting or overwhelming color of pattern, just subtle polka dots in neutral colors. The high pile of over 1″ complements the soft cream color and adds additional comfort and warmth. Opt for a neutral rug, especially if you’re someone who likes to change up your style often. Neutral colors fit in with a variety of design styles, and a neutral colored rug will be able to metamorphoses along with your design, as winter makes it way into spring.


Hand Knotted Soukey from Decor Wool by NuLoom

Handmade is another popular feature of rooms employing hygge aesthetics. From handmade coverlets and quilted throws to embroidery and knits, the coziness of textiles hand-stitched and made with love is a central theme. A handmade rug adds to this aspect of the look. Plus, handmade rugs last longer and will fit in regardless of what style your home is. Long after winter is over, you’ll be able to enjoy a handmade rug, moving from room to room, wherever it suits you.

Imperfect Patterns

PDT-2300 from Presidential by Surya

Patterns that look slightly unfinished or imperfect add to the homemade look of hygge. For instance, many rugs appear as if the pattern is worn away in places, creating a lived in and well-loved appearance, even when new and in pristine condition. Patterns that are unfinished or irregular add an interesting element to any room, but especially when your focus is on comfort, rather than perfection.

When designing our ideal hygge room, keep in mind it’s about more than the decor—it’s a mindset! The aesthetic you create should help remind you to relax, de-stress, and settle in for a warm, cozy night, worry-free. It’s the perfect space to curl up with a loved one, relaxing read, warm drink, or favorite pet and let the worries of the day melt away. The perfect hygge rug is the cherry on top of a hygge lifestyle. For even more inspiration and to shop all rugs for every occasion, visit

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