Modern Farmhouse Rugs: A Style Guide

Natural Cindy Rug from Kona Sisal and Jute by NuLoom

Do you love the modern farmhouse look? Adding rugs in this style is a great way to complete the look of your home. Adding stylish yet functional items in a farmhouse home can also be applied to rugs. Using rugs, modern minimalism can be intertwined with farmhouse decor.

There are several things to look for when adding rugs to your farmhouse. Stick with neutral colors, mix and match rugs, add texture, use clean lines, and use vintage hide or faux fur. Look at each of these style tips in more detail to see what to look out for when purchasing a rug.

Use Neutral Colors

NHL-2304 from Notting Hill by Surya

Modern farmhouses use mainly neutral colors. These colors work great for those who enjoy a more natural look without too much color. Many pieces of furniture feature dominant neutral colors to easily match up with rugs and furniture. Use the 60-30-20 rule to help you decide what and how much color to add.

Since you are sticking with neutrals, white should be the dominant color, while browns, tans, and greys can be used for the two other colors. You can go bold with your accent shade. Play around with some colors until you find 2 or 3 that go well together. Get some color swatches and match colors with furniture and decor you already have.

Mix and Match Rugs

Hand Woven Darla Tassel from Delmar by NuLoom

Since furniture can be mixed and matched, this style can also be incorporated into the rugs you choose. Pick rugs in similar colors, with simple designs. Mix and match a faux hide rug with a traditional rectangular rug in your living room.

If you enjoy rugs with lines look for matching geometric shapes and colors. You can also mix and match rugs in various sizes. When you are mixing up rugs, maintain similarities. This can be a color, design, shape, or size.

Add Texture with Rugs

Natural Cindy Rug from Kona Sisal and Jute by NuLoom

Play around with texture in your rugs to add another element to your modern farmhouse design. Purchase a grey or brown leather rug to place in the center of your living room as the focal point in the room. Add a soft, plush rug next to a bed. Purchase several hide or faux fur rugs in neutral colors throughout the house.

Get a rug with a high pile and design to make the texture stand out among the rest of the decor in your home. You can even go for a beautifully designed traditional rug with intricate details as long as the colors are neutral and the rug is in a soft material.

Use Clean Lines

Hand Made Olvera from Cherai Cotton by NuLoom

Since the modern farmhouse look is all about keeping things minimal and clean, incorporate clean lines with the help of rugs. Farmhouse designs use a lot of wood in the floors, ceiling, and walls so make sure your rugs match these lines.

You don’t want to throw a rug wherever, especially if the rug is used as a focal point in the room. Make sure rectangular rugs line up with the other lines in the room. If you are placing a rug in the dining room, place the rug under the table, matching the edges of the rug with the legs and tabletop.

Add Vintage Hide and Faux Fur

STL215A from Studio Leather by Safavieh

Animals are crucial to traditional farmhouses, hint at this by adding faux hide or vintage hide rugs to your modern farmhouse’s look. These rugs can be used as accent pieces or a main part of the room. You can choose from leather hide rugs to fuzzy faux fur rugs. These can add to the rustic look of the farmhouse style.

Make sure the colors match up with the colors in the room, either as a main or accent color. Place an animal hide under the coffee table in the living room. You can also add one beside a bed or placed halfway under a bed with the corners showing on both sides and the foot.

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