Rugs for Minimalist Style

Vintage Lerma from Venus by NuLoom

Minimalism is an exceptionally popular design style. Minimalist rugs often feature muted colors and simple designs. Using clean lines and simple designs, minimalism can be easily incorporated into your home. Below are some rugs in the minimalist style to give you some inspiration.


ART-251 from Artist Studio by Surya

This light gray rug is hand tufted in 100% New Zealand Wool in India. This durable and pet-friendly rug can be enjoyed for many years. Shades of light grey and seafoam make this a perfect fit for the minimalist who enjoys subtle color in their home. Place underneath a white or light colored coffee table in the living room to add some color and lines to the room.


MTK723H from Montauk .25 by Safavieh

This rug is handwoven in cotton and is from India. This pet-friendly rug is great for a home with four-legged family. This is the perfect minimalist rug with just a little color and design. Place underneath a bed with a navy blue or cream comforter to match. Add a little cream and blue decor to keep the look uniform.


HAC-2306 from Cash by Surya

This beautifully colored rug is machine woven in 100% polypropylene. Camel, khaki, and beige are beautifully interwoven into the simple design of this rug. Place in the living room with light colored furniture with darker wood features to match with the rug for a great minimalist look.


PRL6939D from Porcell .51 by Safavieh

This eye catching rug is power loomed in polypropylene. For those who enjoy minimalism combined with a geometric artsy look, this rug is for you. Light grey, charcoal, and black are blended in different shades among geometric shapes. This rug would look great in a room where black, white, and grey are the dominant colors.


SKL-2031 from Skyline by Surya

This dark blue rug is hand tufted with 30% viscose and 70% wool in India. The color, along with the basic geometric design, makes this a great addition to a home using the minimalist style. Pair this rug with a grey or camel colored sofa in the living room. Place a white or light grey colored table on top of the rug, with minimal decor to keep the rug the centerpiece.


ART-231 from Artist Studio by Surya

This rug is hand tufted in 100% New Zealand wool and made in India. The muted beige, gold, and grey colors, along with the simple squares throughout, make this an ideal rug for minimalism. A cream-colored couch with a little extra color or design would be the perfect match for a rug like this in the living room. Include a gold lamp on a grey side table to include the other colors in the rug.


SKL-2026 from Skyline by Surya

SKL-2026 is a minimalist rug from Skyline by Surya. This pretty rug is hand tufted in India. The minimal sage and light grey coloring on the simple geometric design of the rug make this a great addition to any room.

Vintage Lerma

Vintage Lerma from Venus by NuLoom

This rug is machine made in 100% polyester. The dark grey lines against a light grey background make this the perfect minimalist rug. Place the rug under a bed in the master bedroom.


Havana from Calypso 1.0 by Jaipur

This beige rug is hand woven in 100% jute. Place in a room or area of a room that gets low traffic. Add some other neutral colored furniture with hints of beige. You can also add some color by placing houseplants around the outer corners of the room.

Machine Woven Orsay Sisal Rug

Machine Woven Orsay Sisal Rug from Natura Sisal by NuLoom

This beige rug is machine woven in 100% sisal. The subtle coloring and lack of design make this great for a minimalist look. Add several runners to a wood flooring hallway. Add some beige colored vases to a small table to keep the look minimal and color neutral.


FTV124A from Fifth Avenue by Safavieh

This striking rug is hand-tufted in New Zealand wool. This extremely durable and soft rug can be enjoyed for years in your home. This abstract rug would make a great addition under the dining room table. Add a neutral colored centerpiece, with furniture details in black and white.


MIR635N from Mirage by Safavieh

This beautiful navy rug is loom-knotted in viscose. Place in a boy’s bedroom halfway under the bed or in the middle of the room as the focal point. Make sure to add decor that is navy blue and muted colors to keep the minimalist look.


AIE-1004 from Aileen by Surya

This neutral colored rug is hand woven in 100% jute. Place this rug in the middle of the living room and add dark brown and wheat colored furniture and decor. Dark brown and white can also be added as a contrast.

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