How To Pick A Rug For A Small Space

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It’s hard to figure out how to decorate a small space. Whether it’s a tiny room that looked perfect on the floor plan, but out of place in person, or a bedroom that’s just a touch smaller than the pictures made it seem, it may seem impossible to figure out how to decorate such a small space without making it seem cluttered. Whether you’re designing a studio apartment or giving a tiny offshoot room a makeover, there are plenty of ways to customize your space, and it can really all come down to a single rug.

The Purpose of the Rug

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When picking a rug for a small space, it’s important to decide the rug’s purpose. To help narrow it down, determine what kind of room you’re putting the rug in and what the aesthetic in place already is. Is it a bathroom? Is it a dining room? Are you looking for a carpet for a linoleum floor or a hardwood floor? All of these questions are important to consider when looking for a rug to fill the space. Determining the purpose of the rug will help inform the rest of your decisions.

Materials & Colors

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The material you choose will impact the look, feel, and durability of your new rug. There are quite a few common rug materials including natural fibers like wool or jute to synthetic fibers like viscose and polypropylene. There’s a wide variety to choose from and each material has its own benefits and drawbacks to consider.

Wool is the of the most popular options when it comes to rugs. Wool is durable, soft, and ideal for high-traffic areas, but it comes with a higher price tag than many other rug materials. A synthetic material like polypropylene or polyester may not be as soft or durable but will be easier to clean and come with a lower price tag.

It’s also important to keep color in mind. It’s easy to want bright colors, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but in small spaces, bold colors can overwhelm a room and make it seems much smaller. Light colors help smaller spaces seem larger while dark colors minimize these same spaces.

Feeling & Form

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When it comes to the construction and texture of the rug, there are also several options. Shag rugs have a deep pile that squishes quite comfortably underfoot, but these rugs are often difficult to take care of. Flat weave rugs are durable and often reversible but are less plush and comfortable. Flat weave rugs are very durable making them especially great for smaller spaces like hallways and foyers.

Another texture and construction option are hand-knotted rugs. Hand-knotted rugs are gorgeously crafted by skilled artisans. Because of the artistry of these rugs, they tend to be on the pricier side, but have the highest quality of any construction method. For a small space, a power-loomed or hand-tufted rug may work just as well. These rugs are less durable but come with a lower price tag.


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In smaller spaces, the size of your area rug is extremely important. There isn’t much space to work with, so it’s important to measure the room before making a purchase. While every room is different, a general rule of thumb is to allow 18″ between the rug and the wall. This isn’t always possible in a tight space, so try marking the area you want your rug to cover with masking tape for a rough estimation.

Extra Helpful Tricks & Hints

Alayna Abstract from Bodrum by NuLoom

Even after selecting a rug for your space, your job isn’t finished. There are more ways to make your smaller spaces unique. After all, your home, your rules. Layering rugs is a unique and interesting way to make the space your own.

Rug pads may seem like an unnecessary expense, but really, a rug pad extends the wear and the life of your rug. It also adds a layer of cushioning as well as keeping your rug in place. This is an excellent investment and is definitely a must-have when considering rugs for small spaces.

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