Rug Gift Buying Guide

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Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season? Perhaps you’re looking for the right gift for your daughter who is a newlywed? Or for your nephew who just moved out of his college dorm and into his first apartment? Why not get them a useful gift that will last? Rugs can serve as cozy and durable gifts. They add style and comfort to any room. They also help protect floors. Give your loved ones the perfect gift this holiday season. Give them a rug!

Buying a rug can be an overwhelming task. There are so many different sizes and designs but don’t worry. You can narrow down your choices by thinking about what kind of room you’re buying a rug for. This will help you decide what size and design to get.

Living Room Rugs

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One of the most important rooms in the house is the living room. For many of us, the living room is where we spend most of our time. Therefore, this room deserves the perfect rug. Be sure to think big when buying a living room rug. Typically, nothing less than an 8×10’ rug. After all, the living room is the largest room of the house and it’s the room that holds the most furniture.

OCP02 is an excellent choice for a living room rug. It’s big enough to hold all of your furniture and still leaves room to sit and walk around in. It is also guaranteed to last a long time.

EM414D makes the perfect living room rug. It’s 100% wool so it will provide a lot of comfort. Its wool fabric also makes it highly resilient so it won’t wear down easily. If you want to give your loved ones a vintage gift, this rug is perfect for you. Its designs are inspired by traditional rugs from the late 19th and early 20th century. This gift will have your loved ones living like they traveled back in time.

Dining Room Rugs

AF-06 from Anastasia by Loloi

Rugs can bring style and warmth to any dining room. They help protect floors from scratches and damages from constantly pushing and moving around chairs. They also protect floors from stains, and in a room where spills are bound to happen that is very important. Give your loved one the serviceable gift of a dining room rug this holiday season.

Dendera is an excellent choice for a dining room rug. It’s soft grey tones brings beauty to any room. Its polypropylene and polyester materials make it easy to care for. It also won’t wrinkle easily, even when holding a large dining table.

If you’re shopping for someone with a round dinner table, CAE-1197 by Surya is just what you’re looking for! It has enough room for a round dining table. Its wool material will add sophistication to the dining room.

Bedroom Rugs

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Rugs are essential accessories of any bedroom. They help bring comfort and enhance style. Nothing is more annoying than waking up and stepping on a cold floor. Give your loved ones the cozy gift of a bedroom rug.

Master Bedrooms

If you’re shopping for someone who sleeps in the master bedroom, try to find one that will cover the space beneath and around the bed. SIL-B is the perfect rug for a master bedroom. Its dark brown color will give a natural vibe to any bedroom. Its viscose material will give your loved ones a silk-like feel.

Children’s Bedrooms

If you’re shopping for a young child (or parent), a new rug is a perfect gift for them. Little ones need a comfortable and safe place to sit and play on. GD5950 is the perfect rug for a child’s room. Its blue printed designs add drama and life to any room. Its polypropylene material makes it stain resistant and durable. This is important since most children are not careful with their carpets, or with anything!

Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom Rugs

Give your loved one a unique and useful housewarming gift with a bathroom rug. Rugs bring style and life to any bathroom. Most importantly they provide warmth and comfort. A soft and plush bathroom rug can make getting out of the shower or getting ready in the morning infinitely more bearable.

TALF-9654 is an excellent choice for a bathroom rug. The variety of sizes is perfect for a bathroom rug because each space is different. Its polypropylene material makes it water and mildew resistant. It will stay dry no matter how many showers you take! It’s charcoal, white, and taupe color will help transform any bland bathroom.

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