10 Rugs For 2019

PSG800D from Polar Shag by Safavieh

1. Pattern Rugs

ASP-2302 from Aesop by Surya

If you would like to welcome 2019 by spicing up your room, get a patterned rug. Perhaps you want 2019 to be the year where you let your loud and fun personality show. Pattern rugs are the perfect accessory to make a bold statement. Let 2019 be the year where your floors go from bland to exciting.

If you would like a rug that covers your entire room, go for OAS-1134Its bright orange mixed with khaki will give your room the perfect balance between bold and sophisticated. This rug is also 100% wool. Therefore, softness and comfort are guaranteed.

2. Dark Rugs

Vintage Arlena from Smoky by NuLoom

If you want to give your home a mature and stylish look, consider a dark rug. The obvious advantage to having a darker rug as opposed to a lighter rug is that it won’t get dirty so easily. Even if accidents do happen, such as spills, they won’t be so noticeable. This comes in handy if you share your home with either children or pets. Dark colors are also great because they go with everything. If you constantly switch up your furniture, you can be sure that a dark color rug will match just about any decor.

The M-334 Rug is perfect if you want a dark rug. This rug will add lots of style to your living room. It’s also perfect if you happen to share your home with a furry friend. It’s made from stain-resistant wool so it’s easy to clean.

3. Solid Rugs

CAP504A from Cape Cod by Safavieh

If you’re looking for something nice and simple, PlushRugs has got you covered. Often, a rug’s job isn’t to single-handedly improve a space, but just help the rest of the decor out. A solid color rug can be the perfect muted accent to make the rest of your room stand out.

For a good looking solid colored rug, consider the Foxhall Rug. Its beige color is perfect if you’re just looking to add a little brightness to your room without being too dramatic. This rug is a mix of wool and viscose which provides both softness and durability.

4. Traditional Rugs

Vintage Faded Evelyn from Chicago by NuLoom

Perhaps you’re looking for a timeless design. A design that adds sophistication and artistry to your living space. If so, you should consider investing in a traditional rug. As the name implies, traditional rugs have been around for a very long time. The techniques used to make these rugs have been passed down through generations.

The Aria Rug in the colors of chocolate brown and olive green is the perfect traditional rug for you. Not only does it have a fun floral design, but it will also last you for many years. This rug is handmade in India using 100% wool. It’s guaranteed to improve any living space.

5. Plaid Rugs

SAT03 from Sartorial by Kaleen

Oh, Plaid! This fabric stole my heart when I witnessed fashion icon, Cher Horowitz, rock it in “Clueless.” Keep in mind fashion isn’t just about the clothes you wear. Fashion is art. Fashion statements can be made in the way you design your room. Show your friends your inner Cher Horowitz and get a plaid rug for your room.

The CAPE PLAID is the perfect plaid rug for your bedroom. It features the beautiful color of “cornflower neutral,” giving your room a warm feeling.

6. Plush Rugs

PSG800D from Polar Shag by Safavieh

The best things in life are fluffy. Beat your winter blues and get yourself a rug that will make you feel like your floating in the clouds. Shag rugs are the most comfortable rugs you can ask for. Your feet will thank you for this investment. They are also super cute. They’ll give your room an adorable and warm touch.

If you’re thinking about investing in a fluffy shag rug you should go for the Terrell Solid Faux SheepskinIt will give you an extra space to sit down and relax. This lovely rug is crafted using 100% acrylic material making it super soft and super durable.

7. Silk Rugs

SLK11 from Silken Allure by Nourison

If you want to invest in a rug that will give your home a luxurious feel, you can’t go wrong with a silk rug. Silk is one of the most expensive rug materials for a reason. Silk rugs come with a wide variety of benefits. Silk is a natural fiber that ranks among the softest and most durable rug materials. It’s also much more difficult to produce than other rug materials giving it an exclusive and luxurious feeling.

LIA-1000 is the perfect silk rug. This brown silk rug is comfortable and long-lasting.

8. Animal Print Rugs

CAM709Q from Cambridge by Safavieh

Get a little wild in 2019. Animal print rugs provide your room with a natural and friendly vibe. Show off your favorite animal without having to build an indoor zoo.  Instead, keep your love for animals close by having them in your decor.

Help your room shout, “ROAR!” and invest in the Lion Profile RugThis gorgeous rug features two lions, perfect for the animal lover.

9. Cut and Loop

CLG-2308 from Cut & Loop Shag by Surya

Give your floors a unique look with a cut and loop rug. Cut and loop rugs are crafted by combing looped fibers with cut straight ones, giving your floors a smooth texture. They also give your floors a geometric design. They help draw attention to your floors.

If you would like to invest in a cut and loop style rug, you should get Dover by Bashian. Its gorgeous gray color is perfect for the winter. This stunning rug also features fun trellis shapes.

10. Classic Border Rug

Braided Gwenyth Solid Border from Festival by NuLoom

You can never go wrong with a border rug. Bordered rugs are sophisticated and mature. They are perfect if you want to give your home a more sophisticated look for 2019.

If you’d like to invest in a border rug, you should consider HM-01. This lovely rug features different shades of beige, perfect if you prefer lighter hues. It is also super soft. It’s also super durable, you can be sure this rug will last you for years to come.

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