Best Christmas Gifts For Your Home

throw pillows on a white chair

It’s that time of year—you’re buying gifts for everyone on your list (and maybe something for yourself while you’re at it). But what about your home? When you’re sitting around the tree in the living room opening gifts, why not make one of those gifts something to enhance the very space you’re sitting in? And since Christmas is a time for warm, fuzzy feelings and cozy family time, let’s find some gifts that make even the coziest home a little warmer. The right home accessory can make the holidays very happy indeed.

Scented Candles

Walking into a room that smells like Christmas is a wonderful way to be welcomed back into your home. Scented candles are perfect for when you’re having guests over or just relaxing with loved ones in the family room. If you’re looking for a cute, decorative candle holder, try the Sprigge Tea Light Candle Holder. It’s ready to be filled with any tealight candles you can find almost anywhere.

Besides the pleasing scent of a candle, the warm glow and soft lighting add a gentle, romantic touch to any room its in. They’re a perfect, low-cost gift that instantly elevates the entire mood of a space.

Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows, whether for the bedroom or the living room sofa, are a fun gift that can add spunk or flavor to any room. Plus, they’re flexible and versatile for whatever room and style you’re trying to match. There’s anything from this Home for the Holidays Mittens Throw Pillow to this boho-chic Woven Plaid Pillow. No matter what your style, you’ll be able to find something that enhances it.

Couches aren’t the only place to harbor pillows. An abundance of silk pillows on the bed can instantly exude glamor, or adding pillows to a lonely chair in the entryway or corner of the room creates a more inviting sitting space.

A New Runner

Melissa Moraccoa Trellis from Antalya by NuLoom

A runner is a great way to enhance a boring, hard to decorate space, like a hallway or space between furniture that’s hard to use otherwise. Besides, runners don’t take up any walking space, and they’re easy to incorporate into any design style in their versatility.

A Hand Woven Hailey Jute Runner is perfect for any design style that is focused on utilizing natural elements, materials, and textures, like a rustic, farmhouse, or even adding interesting natural touches to industrial styles.

Elevated Wall Decor

Stem Illusion Floral Art

Wall decor is another great gift for your home as it can instantly elevate the style of the room, especially when choosing handmade artistic pieces that show your excellent taste. Wall decor can be either a large, eye-catching statement piece, clustered frames or sparsely placed smaller works to enhance the overall decor of the room.

Choose something simple and elegant like the Stem Illusion Floral Art, or try something bold and interesting like the Eternal Wall Art.

An Area Rug for Cold Floors

Violen from Tresca by Jaipur

A great way to increase the time you want to spend in your room is to add more comfort. One quick way to make a room cozier (especially one with cold floors!) is to add a large area rug for warm feet and toes. Not only does an area rug warm up the room, but it can completely change it’s look.

Go for a large rug with an interesting pattern that enhances the room’s design and adds interest to what would otherwise be a blank, empty space. Try something you’ll instantly love with a loud, bold print, like this Zulu area rug. Buying an area rug, especially one with a loud, eye-catching design, can be hard. Head on over to the PlushRugs Blog for some tips if it’s your first time!

A Cozy Throw

Faux Fox Throw

A cozy throw is another great gift for your home—low investment price for its large payoff. Throws not only add to the appearance of softness, warmth, and comfort but can easily be pulled up over cold feet and legs as you sit around the fire visiting.

The Snug Knit Throw looks great with almost any decor with its neutral color and handmade look. However, a throw can also be an avenue for adding interesting color and texture to the room as well, like in this Hamlin throw.

Cute Mugs

To top off any cozy aesthetic, cute mugs are a must. They’re comforting and endlessly useful for all your favorite warm beverages including coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. They can bring back memories or remind you that you chose it because it exuded your personality or mood the day you found it. Perfect for sitting by the fire, curling up with a book, or drinking your morning coffee as you prepare for the day, no home is complete without mugs.

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