How To Instantly Improve Bland Floors In Your Home

layering rugs Pattern-on-Pattern

Drab floors are a problem in a lot of living spaces whether you are in a home or apartment. Perhaps it’s the color, style or age of the flooring, but the end result is the same. The floors lack energy and excitement.

If you’re renting, you’re basically stuck with boring floors, and if you own, a total or partial flooring replacement project may not fit in the budget. Instead of sighing every time you look down at the floor, take heart. There are budget-friendly ways to instantly dress up even the blandest floors in your home from a simple, inexpensive fix to more creative do-it-yourself endeavors. We’ve got four ideas that will have you loving your floors again.

Area Rugs

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Pulling up flooring is not an option if you live in an apartment and many times putting down new flooring is off the table because of cost. If you are looking to add excitement to boring floors or need to cover up ugly flooring, area rugs are a quick and relatively budget-friendly fix. Accent rugs are available in all different styles, sizes, and prices. Area rugs can also be utilized in a variety of ways to dress up dreary floors.

Even the smallest area rug can brighten up a room and area rugs work in any place in the house from the bathroom to the kitchen and beyond. Instantly, an area rug provides color and warmth. So, if your living space’s flooring is lackluster, consider boosting it with an area rug. One or two strategically placed area rugs give the floor a whole new look. Using an accent rug to anchor a seating arrangement in the living room, den or play area is another way to change up uninspiring flooring. If you are feeling really industrious, stitch together a group of accent rugs to give an eclectic look that covers a wider area. This is a great way to disguise truly homely floors in a rental since you are limited with your floor decorating choices.

Wool, cotton, nylon, jute and polypropylene rugs are extremely flexible and can be used in many different ways throughout the home. All these area rug materials come in a wide range of colors and styles while offering affordable price tags.

Layering Rugs

Pattern on Pattern

As mentioned before, area rugs are an easy solution to the problem of tiresome flooring. Layering rugs is a fun way to cover up those humdrum floors and add texture at the same time. There are quite a few ways to layer rugs such as placing a smaller rug on a larger one. Take the bedroom for example. Putting an area rug underneath a bed is fairly common, but you can take it a step further by incorporating an accent rug on top of the existing rug at the foot or on either side of the bed.

The same can be said for the living room where a big area rug often anchors the seating arrangement. Layering can also let you use busier styles like animal prints by putting a solid area rug underneath. The concept also works in hallways and mudrooms, which many times may feel unimaginative. Traditional runners solve the tedious flooring issue, but you can modernize the style by layering a pattern on a solid rug or using two complementing patterns on top of each other.

Stencil a Design

Stencil a Design

Stenciling has long been a way to improve the look of walls. It’s an easy do-it-yourself project that doesn’t require a lot of artistic ability. Why not do the same thing with ho-hum floors? Stenciling floors is a bit more involved than stenciling a wall but the end result is just as attractive.

The steps involve sanding, cleaning and priming the floorboards before the stenciling project can begin. After priming, applying two to three coats of paint meant for porch floors is highly recommended. The floor paint can be either glossy or semi-glossy. A light sanding between coats will make the floor smoother and be sure to allow drying time before stenciling. Some industrious folks have stenciled a pattern on the floor of an entire room using a large stencil. Stenciling a border around the edge of the room is a great idea for injecting color onto tired floors. Make sure the floor colors you choose complement the other hues in the room and remember it is okay to mix solids with patterns.

Paint a Pattern

Paint a Pattern

If hardwood floors are looking and feeling their age and refinishing isn’t an affordable option, consider painting a pattern instead. Painting can work wonders and is a money-saving solution to dull floors as well as a manageable do-it-yourself project. Placing a pattern on top of drab hardwood floors isn’t as huge an endeavor as painting the entire floor and will achieve the same desired result.

First, decide on a larger simple pattern like a diamond and lightly sand the area. Choose colors based on the existing decor and head to the local craft store for chalk paint. Chalk paint is non-toxic so it won’t impact kids or pets and is odor free. Its consistency is thick and ends up looking gorgeous on wood surfaces. When painting a pattern on the floor, floors that have a polyurethane coating work better.

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