How To Find A Cheaper Outdoor Rug

EAG-2324 from Eagean by Surya

Dreaming of a large, beautiful rug for your patio, porch or outdoor dining area? You’re not the only one! It’s a luxury to have a durable outdoor rug that can withstand rain, snow, or any weather condition imaginable – and also maintain its color after hours of being exposed to the sun. It makes sense that the popularity of outdoor rugs has continued to rise with many homes embracing an indoor-outdoor approach. Moreover, many outdoor rugs can also be used indoors as well! You can easily choose an outdoor rug for the high traffic areas of your home.

One major drawback of outdoor rugs, however, is the price tag that often comes along with them. Outdoor rugs are made of high-quality materials that are manufactured to withstand all weather conditions, rain or shine, a factor that contributes to the final cost. Don’t worry too much, though, because there are many ways to cut down the cost of an exquisite outdoor rug. Read on for tips on how to find a cheaper outdoor rug.

Examine the materials

Outdoor Alexis Rug from Dawn by NuLoom

One of the best features of an outdoor rug is that it’s easy to clean. Most of the time, an outdoor rug is made with materials that can be cleaned with a simple spray of mild soap and water. This painless clean-up process makes outdoor rugs very appealing – but be sure to review the materials before purchasing.

Look for outdoor rugs made with polypropylene, a wonderful wool alternative. Rugs made with polypropylene are often significantly less expensive than many other rug materials. Polypropylene is also resistant to mold. Nylon, polyester, and bamboo may also be other options, but polypropylene will be your most cost-effective solution if you’re on a budget. For inspiration, check out the Balfour rug from Belize by Jaipur, an outdoor rug that displays vibrant colors in a fun floral pattern.

Know where to browse

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Yes, above all, be sure you’re browsing for outdoor rugs that fit within your budget. It’s all too easy to get caught up with a rug that has an exorbitant price tag. Steer clear of flea markets and local rug stores, as unfortunately, these local establishments tend to offer higher prices.

Often, browsing online for an inexpensive outdoor rug can be your best bet. You’ll be able to look at dimensions clearly and gauge the price difference between different designs. Plus, shopping online offers the widest selection of styles, sizes, and colors. You could score a great deal on an outdoor rug by browsing online and comparing prices, whereas in person, you’re often committed to the store you’re currently shopping at.

Be flexible with size

JOL-1010 from Jolene by Surya

It’s a no-brainer – the larger the size of the rug, the more expensive the rug will likely be. If you aren’t tied to a certain rug size, aim for a smaller rug that still fits your space gracefully. Be warned, don’t try to cut corners if your rug really is too small for your space. You definitely don’t want the furniture legs right on the edges of the rug – a major faux pas in interior design. Remember, a rug may be on the smaller side, but it still can make a stunning statement in your home. Try the Nima rug from Mayan by Artistic Weavers in the 2’x3’ or 2’6”x8” sizes.

As a general rule, be sure to measure your space before shopping for area rugs. As simple as it sounds, many tend to forget to take measurements and wind up in a bind when shopping online later.

Use carpet tiles

EAG-2324 from Eagean by Surya

Carpet tiles have been very popular as of late, in large part due to their versatility and low cost. Even better, if you accidentally stain one of the carpet tiles, it’s easily replaced. When used in an outdoor space, carpet tiles hold up well due to their resilience to water and moisture, although they are not entirely waterproof. Carpet tiles would make a great choice for a covered porch or deck for this reason.

Moreover, carpet tiles can be completely customized to fit the space that you have. Need a rug to be just one-foot longer or shorter? Done. Want to have fun mixing and matching tile colors? It’s easy! Your wallet, your peace of mind, and your creative energy will thank you for using carpet tiles.

DIY your own outdoor rug

DIY Your Own Outdoor Rug

If you’re on a tight budget, an option you could consider is creating your own outdoor rug at home! You can make your own outdoor rug if you put in a few extra steps of effort by painting a pattern on a solid-colored rug. Sounds easy enough, right?

First, browse for rugs made of polypropylene. They might not be labeled specifically as “outdoor” rugs. Next, purchase fabric paint in the color of your choice. Be sure to have either a stencil or an object handy that you can trace. Simply create a pattern of your liking by first tracing it on a piece of cardboard. Cut out the pattern on the cardboard and use it as a stencil. Then, trace the pattern on your rug with chalk. From there, you can either paint over the pattern with a paintbrush or fill in the shapes entirely. Once the paint has dried, you’ll have your very own outdoor rug with a beautiful pattern to match!

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