How to Pick a Global Rug

Machine Woven Dara Suzani Jute from Natura Braided Texture by NuLoom

Picking a global rug can be an adventure in itself. Your rug should be unique and stand out from the rest of the decor in the room. The design, size, shape, material, patterns, and weave need show that your rug is one-of-a-kind reminding you of a far off and exotic places. Are you ready for a worldwide adventure?

Global Patterns

Audrey Diamond from Antalya by NuLoom

One thing to consider when picking a global rug is to look for global patterns. Different parts of the world will have distinct patterns with unique looks. Africa is known for their animal motifs. In Japan, cherry blossoms often feature prominently. Chinese patterns incorporate hand-painted detail. India often uses elephant motifs and suzani patterns, which use geometric shapes in bright, bold colors. Moroccan patterns use mosaics and textiles. Check out each of these looks and pick one that you like.

Weaving Methods

PRD210B from Braided by Safavieh

The weave can also give it a global feel. Hand-knotted rugs are another type of weave used in many global rugs. Moroccan and Indian made rugs are hand knotted, among others. A multi-colored braided rug will bring a well-traveled global feeling. A rug that is flat woven will have a low pile and bohemian style. Each weave has its own texture, which can add to the global feel of your new rug.

Colors and Design

Machine Woven Dara Suzani Jute from Natura Braided Texture by NuLoom

The colors and design are a major component of a global rug. Many global rugs use a neutral color scheme, but you can branch out if you have a specific region in mind. Moroccan and Indian inspired rugs will include colors such as pink, purple, and blue. African style rugs will use neutral colors with some black throughout the design. The Suzani mixed with shapes is great for those who prefer bold and colorful pieces.

The Right Size and Shape

BOH667A from Bohemian by Safavieh

The size and shape of your rug can be as eclectic as the color and designs. An extra large rectangular rug may look great in your living room, but perhaps a small round rug would work as well. If your goal is to add texture and warmth to your room, go for a larger rug. If you’re just trying to add an accent or a splash of color, a smaller rug can do the job. If you’re having trouble choosing between two rugs of different sizes, consider layering them.

The Right Material

Haxel from Roland by Jaipur

Choosing the right material can go a long way in giving your room that traveled or rustic look. Most synthetic materials like polypropylene, polyester, or acrylic should be avoided because they’re used less often in traditional rug making. Instead, opt for wool, cotton, or natural fibers such as jute, sisal, or seagrass. Wool and cotton are both incredibly soft, durable, and easy to clean. Jute, sisal, and seagrass add an earthy quality that is invaluable to any bohemian, eclectic, or global space.

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