How to Buy A Rug For Everyone In Your Family

Hand Loomed Kimberely from Cottage by NuLoom

Rugs For Children

Dino Island Playtime Rug from Storybrook by NuLoom

Are you struggling with finding the perfect gift for your little niece and nephew? Perhaps your shopping for children who already have so many toys and you’d like to give them something a little different? Get them a rug. Lucky for you, Plushrugs, offers a lot of wonderful rugs that the little ones in your life will love.

Shopping for a little girl who loves pink and all things feminine? If so, you should get her the Cloudy Sachiko rug. It comes in a gorgeous pink tone and it features clouds all around it. Your little one will enjoy playing on this carpet.

For a little boy who spends all his time creating adventures, you should get the Pirate Playtime Rug. This rug features fun pirate drawings on the side. It also features a treasure chest, a map, and a ship’s wheel. Your little one will love spending hours playing on this carpet, imaging oceans and ships far away.

Rugs for Grandparents

SER210A from Serenity by Safavieh

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your grandparents? You can be sure your grandparents will appreciate a lovely rug for their home. After all, a rug will help turn their home into a cozy and stylish environment.

Why not give your grandparents a rug design that’s timeless and classy? Oriental rugs have been around for centuries. They are known for being inspired by secret stories of hope and triumph. The perfect oriental rug for your grandparents is the 113D Rug. This gorgeous rug comes in the rich colors of brown and ivory and will give your grandparents room a sophisticated feeling. Your grandparents will also love the beautiful flower designs.

If you want to give your grandparents an oriental rug that will add life to their living room try the 6997K rugThis delightful rug comes in navy and yellow. Perfect if you want to give your grandparents a fun and vibrant gift.

Rugs for Siblings

MTK723J from Montauk .25 by Safavieh

Oh, Siblings! No matter how much you fought with them as kids, you’d always make up minutes after! A rug is a perfect gift for your sibling! It will help them decorate as well as make their home a cozier place!

If your sibling prefers darker colors you should give them the Hand Woven Linares Abstract rug. This fun rug is perfect if your sibling enjoys darker hues.

Do you have a sister who loves girly colors and fun shapes? If so, give her the CSI-1003. rug. This fun and breathtaking rug features bright pink and purple, perfect for that girly sister of yours. It also features fun geometric shapes.

Rugs for Parents

Romina from Peridot by Jaipur

The most important people on your Christmas list are probably your parents. After all, they deserve the very best gift this holiday season. Your parents will appreciate a good rug as a Christmas gift. After all, it’s not only a gift just for them but a gift for everyone that walks into their home.

If you have parents who love all things nature and outdoors, why not give them a rug that matches that love? Try one that comes with a stunning natural design. CM07 is the perfect rug for parents who appreciate nature. It features beautiful long leaves on top of a lovely gold background. This rug will add class to your parents living room.

If you want to get your parents a rug that will match their love for the ocean, get them the SEA03 rug. This magical rug comes in light blue, just like the ocean! This fun rug also features four different seahorses.

Rugs for Your Best Friend

Shania Medallion Shaggy from Expo Lux by NuLoom

Your best friend is important! Why not give your friend a gift that their entire living room will thank you for! An excellent design for your best friend is a shag rug. Shag rugs add a retro and luxurious look to any room. The Bria Moroccan Diamond Tassel is an excellent shag rug. This rug features fun diamond designs and will give your friend’s living room a luxurious look.

Is your best friend the most fun and upbeat person you know? Find a rug that matches that endearing personality. Give them an overdyed rug design. The Demi Overdyed rug is the perfect rug for your bestie. Get your friend a rug that’s just as fun as they are.

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