Best Rug Materials that Don’t Cost A lot Of Money

Hand Loomed Tamara Tassel Rug from Halette by NuLoom

Are you looking for a rug that’s top quality but won’t leave your wallet empty? If so, you’re in luck! There’s a wide variety of high quality yet affordable rug materials! When it comes to finding a cheaper rug, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. Unfortunately, none of these materials offer all of the benefits of wool or silk, but they’re close enough and come at a low enough cost that it almost doesn’t matter. Don’t let a rigid budget stop you from finding a top quality rug. This list will help you pick the best rug for you at a very low price.


MK-01 from Mirage by Loloi

Bamboo silk is a popular and affordable rug material. A bamboo rug is the perfect rug material if you share your home with furry pets. Bamboo rugs are antibacterial and therefore odor-free leaving your home smelling fresh. Bamboo rugs are also very soft. If you want to invest in a rug that will leave your home smelling fresh, that your feet will thank you for, and that is natural, go for a bamboo rug.


Hand Loomed Tamara Tassel Rug from Halette by NuLoom

If you’re looking for a rug material that’s soft and durable, look no further than cotton. Cotton is known for being super strong, you can tuck and pull at this material but it will stay good as new. Cotton is also easy to wash and care for. Making it an excellent choice for a dining room rug, a rug that’s bound to see lots of spills. If you want to invest in a rug that won’t tear easily and that’s easy to take care of, invest in a cotton rug!


Tracy Moroccan Tassel Rug from Majesty by NuLoom

Nylon is incredibly soft and will maintain its texture for years to come. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain. Nylon also has a reputation for being one of the strongest fabrics around. It’s the perfect rug for a household with pets or a household filled with children running around.


Sarama from Ceres by Jaipur

If you’re looking for a rug that’s extremely soft and colorfast, invest in a polyester rug. Colors in polyester rugs will not fade, even if they are exposed to harsh sunlight or chemicals. This makes it the perfect outdoor rug fabric. They are also very soft. Your feet will thank you for investing in a polyester rug.


SGG173A from Santorini Shag by Safavieh

Microfiber rugs are known for being soft and absorbent. They’re are able to dry quickly making it the perfect rug for a bathroom.

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