5 Most Common Rug Styles

Richelle Tribal Medallion from Bodrum by NuLoom

Rugs are a popular way to dress up a room. They are also a great way to finally complete a design, but there are hundreds of rug styles to choose from so it can be overwhelming when searching for just the right rug. Some styles are more common than others, which can help you narrow your field of choices down. The five most common rug styles are contemporary, traditional, geometric, floral, and southwestern. Keep reading to find out more information about these 5 most common rug styles.


TG-01 from Tangier Shag by Loloi

Contemporary rugs are exactly what they sound like, the latest styles and trends. Unlike modern rugs, contemporary style is constantly changing. Currently, geometric shapes and bright colors are frequently used in contemporary rugs. A variety of colors is quite common as well. Whether you enjoy one color in different hues or a variety of colors, there is plenty to choose from when picking a contemporary rug for your home.


ST-01 from Stanley by Loloi

TraditionalĀ rugs have a unique look. They usually have a floral design, with a border that matches the main design. These designs will remind the viewer of Turkish and Persian patterns. Colors in traditional rugs also vary. Some traditional rugs are designed with neutral colors, while others are weaved with all the colors of the rainbow. The styles of traditional rugs can be combined with contemporary tendencies to create a transitional rug. These rugs come in a variety of shapes, most commonly rectangular.


AZU-2308 from Azul by Surya

Geometric rugs are another common type of rug style. Geometric shapes, in small and large sizes, decorate rugs in a variety of designs. A combination of lines, circles, ovals, triangles, rectangles, and other shapes can be found in the design of these rugs. Some geometric rugs feature several shapes in their design while others will include one shape. Some rugs will repeat a pattern with shapes, such as small squares next to large squares. Other rugs will have designs where shapes will overlap, making an interesting design. Geometric rugs also come in all kinds of colors. Neutral colored geometric rugs are great for a subtle yet interesting accent.


PAR-1113 from Paramount by Surya

Many other styles borrow from floral designs, but floral rugs differ as much as other styles. Floral rugs may feature only parts of a plant, such as a flower or leaves while others combine both flowers and leaves to create an intricate design. A hint of floral may also be seen with other styles, such as geometric and traditional. Floral rugs are made in many different colors. Some use green for leaves and realistic colors for the flowers. Other rugs are more similar to artwork with abstract floral features and bold colors. Floral rugs may repeat a design, or have flowers and leaves overlapping each other.


Richelle Tribal Medallion from Bodrum by NuLoom

Southwestern rugs are a great way to emphasize and make a statement in a room. These rugs are known for their loud colors and patterns, making them stand out from the rest of your decor. Geometric patterns with feathers, zigzag patterns, and richly hued colors are all characteristics of southwestern rugs. Tribal designs can also be frequently seen in southwestern rugs. These styles can be combined into one rug to really stand out as the focal point in a room. Add lots of colors and you will have a noteworthy statement piece that will be the talk of the day with your guests.

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