How To Clean A Rug Pad

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Rug pads are a rug essential. While rug pads are typically low maintenance, they still require a little TLC. Just like a rug, the pad is an investment.

PlushRugs offers three different indoor rug pads and a rug pad specifically designed for outdoor rugs. The Universal rug pad is ideal for hard surfaces and carpeting while the Super Hold is a perfect pick for hard flooring. Soft Step works to keep rugs in place while delivering an extra cushy feel. With a few simple steps, the rug pad can stay in top form doing its job to keep the rug cozy and looking smart.

How Often Should I Clean My Rug Pad?

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Rugs should be vacuumed weekly to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from building up. Unlike area rugs, rug pads do not need to be vacuumed as often. While dust and dirt do make their way down to rug pads, it isn’t enough to require a weekly vacuum. You don’t really need to do an in-depth clean on rug pads more than four times a year. Timing a rug pads quarterly vacuum to coincide with the change in seasons can be useful in putting the practice on the to-do list.

Outdoor rug pads should always be vacuumed thoroughly prior to being stored for the winter and before taking their place during the spring. Since dirt and debris are more prevalent for outdoor rugs, get in the habit of giving rug pads a quick cleaning at least twice a month during the active outside seasons.

Shake it Off

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Shaking out a rug pad goes a long way in reducing dust and dirt from accumulating. Outdoor rug pads should be shaken out along with outdoor rugs at least once a week and after storms. Indoor area rugs really only require monthly shakeouts.

Try bi-monthly shakes for households with multiple pets since pet hair can build up quickly. Always be sure to let rug pads dry completely after storms just like outdoor area rugs.

Address Spills Quickly

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Spills happen. They are a fact of life in every household. Spills and pet accidents should always be taken care of as soon as possible. The longer a spill sits the more difficult it is to get out. Depending upon the volume of the spill, it may reach all the way through to the rug pad. If it does, the spill on the rug pad needs to be addressed as well. Tackle the spill to the area rug first, but don’t forget about the rug pad.

After a spill, check to make sure it hasn’t made it to the rug pad. If it did, clean it the same way you would the rug. Most rug pad spills can be handled by blotting with plain water. Just like with area rugs, rubbing a spill on the pad causes the substance to sink deeper.

Perks of a Rug Pad

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If you were thinking about skimping on purchasing a rug pad, don’t. Rug pads deliver a lot of perks that go a long way in protecting both your floors and rugs. Pads give a bit of extra cushion to feet while helping to reduce everyday noises in the house.

A pad also prevents rugs from skidding, which can be a safety concern. Rug pads can even make vacuuming more productive. In the long run, rug pads prolong the life of both indoor and outdoor area rugs, which is perhaps their biggest pro.

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