The Red Carpet Treatment

FI-01 from Filigree by Loloi

The Oscars are coming! And the red carpet will be rolled out. Do you know why? Carpets completely dyed red or with red in the design can be found in Renaissance-era paintings. This red was a symbol of prestige and royalty. The red carpet is a symbol of respect and welcome to a very important person. It has been used to welcome political dignitaries from all over the world. In the early 1900s, the New York Central Rail Road used a red carpet to welcome guests to its exclusive train. Passengers could look for the red carpet and know which train to board.

The first use of the red carpet associated with Hollywood was in 1922 at the opening of the movie, Robin Hood, at the Egyptian Theatre.

Current use of the red carpet

Red and gold Carpet

The red carpet is currently synonymous with award ceremonies. The Academy Awards, Grammy’s, Golden Globe Awards and more. Celebrities walk the red carpet and stand on the red carpet for publicity photographs. Some buildings may put a red carpet inside to welcome guests. This red carpet doesn’t necessarily stay in place all day or all year long, except at select hotels. Rather, it’s rolled back up and stored after the welcoming has taken place.

The red carpet still welcomes dignitaries but has woven its way into common culture as well. The red carpet has also found itself among high school prom-goers, real estate open houses and even car dealers during special sales events. But the term “red carpet” is used a lot without an actual, physical carpet in sight. The “red carpet” treatment is basically a wonderful, welcoming experience where you are treated with respect and grace.

Why you need a red rug

FI-01 from Filigree by Loloi

Rolling out the red carpet is a sign of hospitality.  If you welcome guests often, a red rug may be an essential part of your home’s decor.  While you may not need to have one in storage to roll out each time you invite friends to dinner, a red outdoor rug at the front door might be a special treat.  Since these mats wear out more quickly, it should be fun to swap out often a red matt for something whimsical or even traditional from time to time.

Inside your home, regardless of the decor, red might be that seasonal pop of color you need. Red brings warmth to a room. Tie a rug with red hues or small design in with the current decor. Layer your rugs to add dimension and variability.  A deep red rug in the winter can be changed in the warm months to a lighter rug with some red trim.

Where can you find a red rug

Vennie Shaggy from Admire by NuLoom is a fine source for all rug sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Using a red shag rug as a runner makes a fun entryway to greet friends and family. If you want an extra-large red rug but are not sure you want that much red, try a multi-color rug with red highlights.

One design to look at is a floral, like 17025 by Alliyah Rugs. You could also try something more traditional like 985022-339 Red by Dynamic Rugs.

Decorating with a red rug

Vintage Marissa Fringe from Mystic by NuLoom

Red carpets do not have to be placed only on the floor. Try hanging a rug on a wall as art. For the red-carpet wall treatment, try hanging a small-sized, low-pile rug on a large wall or over your sofa.  The Dragonfly terracotta and cream, by Liora Manne, is a beautiful option.

Try hanging a runner on a narrow yet tall empty wall spot. The handwoven CAP203A, a jute rug in red and multi-colors, is a statement piece to hang.

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