8 Gorgeous Accent Wall Colors


Need a pop of color in your room? We have a solution: add an accent wall! Accent walls are a wonderful way to bring a splash of different shades into your home, and they immediately catch the eye and bring your room to the next level. Your accent wall can mimic the hue of other smaller accent pieces throughout the room, which will make your room look much more put together. An accent wall will have all of your guests absolutely raving about your home!

How do you choose a color? There are so many different options, and it is entirely dependent on what you want from your accent wall and the design of the rest of your room. You don’t want your accent wall to clash with the other decor in your room because it will look uncoordinated and unplanned. So, let’s go through a couple of popular accent wall shades, and what they can offer to your home!



A pop of red will immediately liven up your room; the effect created by a red accent wall is equivalent to that of swiping on some crimson lipstick. When you think red, you think:

  • Fiery
  • Fierce
  • Energized
  • Sexy
  • Excitement

If you want a nice, soothing reading room and your accent wall screams bright red, you might not be achieving the effect you were looking for. Red is bound to transform your room into a unique and eye-catching space.

When decorating, keep an eye out for some colors that match well with red:

  • Gold and red will create a lovely royal atmosphere.
  • Gold and white are a perfect pair for a rustic farmhouse vibe!
  • If you want to go a more eclectic route, try teal and red! While they’re both bold colors, they balance each other out nicely and make for quite a statement room.



Orange is often the most neglected of the other colors, but it can add a wonderful touch to any room. Orange is a bit more understated than its parent color, red, and a shade that is commonly used for accent pieces is burnt orange, which provides a rustic, earthy vibe. Burnt orange can be combined with other natural colors– beiges, tans, browns– as well as natural textures, like brick, wood, and tile. Think warm, cozy, and inviting, and you’ve got burnt orange.

If you’d like a bit more energy in your room, a brighter, more vibrant orange can get the job done. Lighter oranges are commonly associated with a more modern design and offer a perky pop that’ll complement common modern design schemes: straight edges, geometric designs, and an abundance of glass.



Want to add some sunshine to your room? Consider a yellow accent wall. Yellow brings a breath of fresh air to any room and is perfect for brightening up what might otherwise be a dull area. Yes, yellow is bold… but maybe a step outside the comfort zone is exactly what your room needs.

If you’re hesitant about picking a bright yellow accent wall, you can dip your toes in by picking a softer, pale yellow, which will be a little more subtle. Pastel accent wall colors will bring spring into your room, no matter the season.

Yellow goes with so many colors. For a harmony of warm colors, consider pairing yellow with reds, oranges, and pinks to create a room that will feel cozy, warm, and inviting.

Don’t be afraid to veer over to the cooler colors: yellow and baby blue or violet can be a powerful match when done correctly. Pairing complementary colors together can add a zing to your room that is certain to catch the eye.



Another color which is often underestimated is green. Green comes in many shades, so let’s divide and conquer:

Lime Green

You might be thinking, “Lime green? No way– I’m never painting a wall that color.” But hear us out! Lime green, similarly to bright orange, can be used in many modern designs to balance out a room that is otherwise dominated by neutral shades. This spunky shade of green is electrifying; it can act as a slap in the face to an otherwise dormant and monotonous room.  Because lime green is such a statement color, focus on pairing it primarily with neutrals– blacks, whites, greys– with slight touches of lime throughout the rest of the room.

Mint Green

Mint green’s popularity has definitely risen in the past years and is popularly used in retro, minimalist, or bohemian style rooms. Mint green has a soft, calming presence that goes beautifully with other calming shades, such as salmon, tan, pale yellow, and the occasional gold piece. Because mint green is a lot subtler than lime, feel free to add accent touches of reds, pinks, and other complementary tones.

Forest Green

This dark, enigmatic shade of green will add an otherworldly style to your room. A forest green accent wall is a wonderful way to let a little nature inside your home. Forest green pairs well with darker woods, such as walnut, sucupira, and teak. If you want to travel the outdoorsy route with your design scheme, consider adding a couple of plants– they’ll add a fantastic three-dimensionality to your accent wall.



Before we begin to outline how blue can transform your room, let’s focus on some of the benefits of blue to both your mind and body:

  • Slows metabolism
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Evokes feelings of calmness & tranquility
  • Reduces stress
  • Raises perceived wellbeing

Now, we can’t guarantee that the color blue is going to slow your metabolism, but there certainly isn’t any harm in painting one of your walls this lovely hue. Blue accent walls would go great with light grey, black, and light yellow.



Bring a little royalty into your home with the vivacious hues of purple. Purple has typically symbolized luxury and lavishness and is guaranteed to make your room fit for a queen. Purple accent walls also look great when combined with grey walls.

When decorating, look at neutrals: whites and greys go best with purple. Because purple is such a rich color, try to steer away from using any other bold colors, such as lime green or orange. Purple can also go well with different shades of purple– mixing light and dark will craft a wonderful dynamic between hues.


Tyre from Solomon by Kaleen

Moving away from the colors of the rainbow, let’s focus on metallics– specifically, gold. Gold accent walls are bold delicacies which will immediately transform your room into the Palace of Versailles. Golden walls are unique and the perfect pick for glam decor!

Gold looks great with:

  • Dark reds– it’ll create an intricate bohemian vibe!
  • White– to create a pristine, refined look
  • Black– don’t be afraid to go bold; these colors are a striking pair!



Last but not least: black accent walls are a crisp, bold, and clean-cut choice for your room. A rising trend, black is gaining popularity because of its trendy, modern look. When searching for the room to decorate with a black accent wall, keep an eye out for sunny rooms filled with natural light; the light and dark will contrast beautifully! And the good thing about black? It goes with everything! Black is the new neutral, and the sky is the limit. It’s great for any style, too: bohemian, modern, farmhouse, rustic… the list goes on!

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