Using Feng Shui To Choose A Rug

GX-02 from Giselle by Loloi

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of balancing positive energy in your environment. The practice of Feng Shui depends on the use of five elements: water, fire, earth, metal, and wood.  Each of these elements is represented by a color that you can use to promote energies. The five elements are also associated with shapes. Using these shapes and colors in the correct way when you pick a rug could optimize your room’s energy.

Elements and Colors of Feng Shui

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The five elements and related colors are depicted as follows:

  1. Water: related to the colors blue and black, and the flow of money.
  2. Fire: promotes energy, wealth and passion and is represented by reds and yellows.
  3. Earth: security and safety are enhanced with muted brown tones of all shades plus gold.
  4. Metal: stimulates focus, a clear mind and works best with silver, gray and white.
  5. Wood: promotes family prosperity, creativity and health and is represented by green.

Directions and Colors of Feng Shui

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In order to properly place these positive energies, Feng Shui uses a compass to define spaces. East, Southeast, South and further are directions where space in your house can benefit from positive energy by using the right Feng Shui principles.

  1. North: water element; enhances a positive career. Blue and black with no green.
  2. Northeast: earth element; enhances educational success, better brain power such as clear thinking and decision making. Pink, yellow, brown and skin tones.
  3. East: wood element; it enhances family and health. Use greens with a mix of blacks and blues.
  4. Southeast: wood element; the wealth of the home. Green tones with black and blue.
  5. South: fire element; enhances fame and name; uses oranges, soft reds and greens. Bold reds promote anger in a south room.
  6. Southwest: earth element; enhances romance. Use pink, yellow, brown and skin tones
  7. West: metal element; governs creativity and children’s luck, ruled by grey, silver, gold and white colors.
  8. Northwest: metal element; promotes happy travel, helpful people; use grey, silver, gold and white.

Rug Shapes and Feng Shui

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Rug shapes are generally round, oval, square or rectangle. The shape can affect Feng Shui in a room.  Round and oval rugs are thought to promote peace, relaxation, and love.  They hug the people in the room whether at a dining room table or a seating arrangement.

Oval rugs are considered to have powerful energy and promote positive change and fortune. Safavieh’s oval HG111A comes in multi-red tones and would work well in a south-facing room. This rug doesn’t have too much or too bright a shade of red.

Rectangle and square rugs are believed to attract wealth. This is the most common rug shape.

How to pick a rug using Feng Shui

GX-02 from Giselle by Loloi

When choosing a rug from, you can easily find the right rug colors. Each rug has its own page with a color swatch. If you find a rug you like and click on it, you can see if it contains the correct colors for you Feng Shui elements.

For example, a north-facing room can use a blue or black rug but should not contain any green.  Kaleen’s CHA09 rug from the Chancellor Collection shows blacks and blues, yet the CHA04 includes a green tone. The CHA09 would work better in a north-facing room. The CHA04 would be better in a southeast room.

A room facing West or northwest is ruled by the metal element. Rugs that work best in the metal element can be white, gold, silver or grey. has a great selection of rugs in these color groupings. Try the Safavieh jute blend rug in gold and ivory.  Another option is this hand-tufted, grey rug from Safavieh’s Glamour Collection. These are just a few of the many options for your west or northwest-facing room.

Rooms directions ruled by the earth element can choose from pinks, yellows, and skin tones.  These may include NuLoom’s Colburn rug, many of Surya’s Athena rugs especially the ATH-5052. Another example is Home Dynamix’s 7544-101(Sand) for an earthy, mid-century modern look.

South-facing rooms, ruled by the fire element, can pick red, orange and green rugs. Remember to tone down the red shade to avoid any feelings of rage or anger which is thought to occur from bold reds in a south-facing room.  Safavieh’s MYS971B is a great example of a muted red. Pick an orange tone rug like Nourison’s PSN01.

And, finally, to promote positive energy in a wood-element ruled room, try colors in blue, black and green. Surya’s ETS-2328 contains all three colors. Barclay Butera’s Madagascar Rug in black and white makes a bold and fun statement in a wood-element room.

Working diligently with the elements, directions, and colors could promote peace, creativity, wealth, energy and love in a positive way throughout your home. Try Feng Shui the next time you redecorate and let be your go-to source for the floor.

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