Best Rug Materials For The Nursery

Faux Sheepskin Shaunna from Block Island Acrylic by NuLoom

Getting ready for a baby’s arrival is exciting. There are so many tasks on the to-do list to prepare for the little one including outfitting the nursery. Choosing colors, furniture, curtains and area rugs are a big part of decorating the baby’s room. If this is the first baby, the list is often a bit longer.

Today, more and more new parents are decorating a nursery designed to grow with baby to avoid pricey makeovers as the child ages. The same is true when it comes to deciding on the ideal rug material for the nursery. You want to pick a rug material that adds warmth, comfort, and style to the baby’s room. Pick a rug that complements the decor of the room. To help take a little off of the lengthy getting-ready-for-baby list, here are the top rug materials for a baby’s nursery and beyond.


Hand Woven Darla Tassel from Delmar by NuLoom

Many parents prefer to stick with natural fibers for a nursery; making cotton a top pick. Cotton rugs are versatile and fashion-forward. The big advantage of using a cotton rug is that the natural fiber is easy to clean. While cotton doesn’t repeal stains like some fibers, cotton rugs are simple to clean.

When your baby spits up or the bottle spills, just pop your rug in the wash. Just remember not to throw the rug in the dryer. Like cotton clothing, cotton rugs have a tendency to shrink. A cotton rug can also transition as the baby grows and is a budget-friendly rug choice.


Natural Karina Rug from Kona Sisal by NuLoom

Sisal is another natural fiber that is an excellent option if you’re in the market for an environmentally friendly rug material for the nursery. This fiber is durable, affordable and low maintenance. It’s also another simple-to-clean material and comes in an abundance of designs. Sisal rugs hold up well in high traffic areas and are ideal for homes with children and pets.

Unlike cotton, sisal rugs are not soft and fuzzy. Sisal rugs are often not used in the bedroom because the material isn’t warm and inviting. If you want a more comfortable spot to learn to crawl on and definitely want an all-natural rug fiber, look for a sisal and wool mix. This blend offers the benefits of both materials while amping up the comfort level.


Hand Tufted Elvia from Varanas by NuLoom

Wool is another natural fiber that’s a great fit for a nursery. It’s probably one of the most durable rug materials on the market and will most certainly grow with your baby. Wool rugs are ideal for homes with children and pets because the material is naturally stain-resistant. A wool rug is also a perfect pick for a nursery because it boasts a soft, inviting feel.

With an abundance of smart designs to choose from, parents-to-be will definitely find a wool rug to suit the nursery’s decor and last for years. Wool rugs do have a higher price tag than other natural fibers such as cotton and sisal, but with proper care, a wool rug holds up to high traffic and is fashioned to last.


BRI03 from Brisbane by Nourison

Outfitting the nursery can be a costly endeavor. If you’re searching for an attractive, affordable rug to complement the nursery’s décor, olefin rugs come in a wide variety of colors and designs. These easy-to-clean rugs are water-resistant and a safe bet for kids’ rooms since spills and stains are a snap to get rid of.

Unlike cotton, sisal, and wool, olefin is a synthetic fiber. Despite its artificial background, olefin rugs are surprisingly cushy. Its snug, inviting feel makes olefin a welcoming addition to the nursery that is both snappy and budget-friendly.


Faux Sheepskin Shaunna from Block Island Acrylic by NuLoom

Shag rugs are made from a wide variety of materials, but almost all varieties are a cozy choice for the nursery. Shag rugs offer a higher pile that is very soft and comfy. Shags aren’t typically the best option for high traffic areas like the family room or hallway but are an extremely popular choice for bedrooms because of their coziness.

Shags come in an array of styles and colors from traditional to contemporary. Adding one underneath the rocker in a nursery will really make the toes feel warm and toasty for those 2 a.m. feedings.

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