How To Use An Orange Rug

MCS-2304 from Moroccan Shag by Surya

There are many sources for design trend spotting. From furniture shows to design festivals, people in the home and fashion industries keep their eyes on what colors and styles are trending with the public. Other sources of trend spotting include the public’s internet activity. Websites and search engines like Etsy and Pinterest allow trend spotters to follow what’s in and what’s out.

Etsy’s Color of the Moment for 2019 is burnt orange. Pinterest’s Top 100 Trends for 2019 include bold geometric designs and textiles on the walls. Pantone chose Living Coral as the color of the year for 2019 for bold walls.  Designers found that muted ice cream tones including orange are replacing grey and homeowners love natural fibers.

How does this fit into your house when adding rugs? has a large selection of rugs in this year’s trending colors, fibers, and designs, including the trending orange rug.

A Bazillion Shades of Orange

Persian Fancy Medallion Velva from Bodrum by NuLoom

Orange is a secondary color on the color wheel, situated between red and yellow. It’s vivid and playful and offers beaucoup color shades for anyone to make a home fashion statement. While a large solid orange rug might not be on your top list for floor décor, the wide range of beautiful shades in the orange family might hand you an orange that that is perfect for your taste.

Shades of orange swinging from red to yellow include tangerine, coral, persimmon and pumpkin. Add some dark influences of black, navy or brown and you find terracotta, rust, cayenne and burnt orange. Soften the orange with white or ivory and you get shades of peach, salmon or melon. Include some green or purple for more delicious colors.  Keep in mind that orange sits across the color wheel from blue, so you are bound to find blue contrasting any orange rug design.

Orange rugs in your living space

Alethia Herati Fringe from Mystic by NuLoom

Since a trending design for 2019 includes geometric shapes go daring with Artistic Weavers Washington rug in tangerine. Try Kaleen’s hand-tufted wool REV05 in orange and cream.

Choose something subtle if your other room accents are bold. One idea for a subtle geometric rug design in orange is Kaleen’s ROA06 featuring blues and greens to soften the bolder orange.

For a bold statement rug, choose one with deep tones of contrasting colors try Surya’s Cit-2339 in orange and blue. Another idea is NuLoom’s Alexis from the hand-tufted Barcelona Collection in orange, white and blue.

Another design trend is to minimize harsh edges and include soft shapes and rounder accents. St. Croix’s Shagadelic rug in orange and white would make a beautiful statement incorporating a soft chevron design in a circle to trim hard edges. It also comes in solid orange and copper. You can find a plain rust colored round rug in Safavieh’s Shag2000 collection.

For a more traditional look incorporating orange, check out Surya’s saffron HIM-2301. This rug features a traditional design in saffron and red with a background of lavender with black accents.  HIM-2301 proves that orange shades go with just about any color you may want in your room.

Want to show off natural fibers in your living space? Try a hand knotted jute rug in rust, or maybe one in poppy.

One more trend found in the Pinterest 100 Top Trends for 2019 is wall tapestry. Yes, you can hang a rug on your wall.  Not only does it fill a large space, but rugs on the wall can help absorb noise in a room with high ceilings, lots of windows and softens a more industrial furniture style.  Hang Oriental Weavers Pantone Expressions in orange.  As a focal wall in your living room, kid’s play area or home office, incorporate a wall-hung rug as a decorator piece.

Orange in the bedrooms

MCS-2304 from Moroccan Shag by Surya

You can have orange in your bedroom and still get a good night’s rest.  Trending ice cream colors can turn a plain bedroom into a fun place for kids and teens to call their own: a place to be creative, hang out, listen to music or just get away from the rest of the house.  Try Kaleen’s It’s So Fabulous in tangerine for softness.

Bold and geometric rug prints are not just for the living area. Try these in the bedroom, too, like Momeni’s Rio in orange or Surya’s Opera in burnt orange.

For a guest room, accent the floors with an orange stripe rug like St. Croix’s Lineage in multi rust shades from their Structure Rugs collection.

The master suite could also use a facelift with LOS-1811 from Lost Link by Chandra. Traditional designs can work well in the bedrooms, like Surya’s CSA-2326.

Orange rugs for outdoor living

CY2653-3202 from Courtyard by Safavieh

Remember to add some life to your outdoor living spaces with an orange outdoor rug.  Kaleen’s MAT02 from Matira collection is a great outdoor rug in multi colors using tangerine as a focal color.

RAI-1195 from Rain by Surya is another bright outdoor rug. Made of hand-hooked polypropylene, this rug is easy to care for and looks great under your outdoor dining table.

Rugs are a versatile design item that is easy to change as trends change. While orange is hot this year, why not incorporate it into your home somewhere? There are plenty of shades to choose from.

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