Five Reasons You Should Own A Striped Rug

Hand Woven Darla Tassel from Delmar by NuLoom

Stripes certainly are not a new design style. During the Middle Ages, stripes were primarily worn by folks with a somewhat negative reputation such as criminals, prostitutes, and hangmen. Queen Victoria is credited with making stripes hot when she dressed her son in a striped sailor suit for a royal yachting event.

By the start of the 20th century, stripes were not just for bathing suits. Coco Chanel began bringing stripes into her designs across the runway. In the 60s and 70s, stripes were seen as a rebellious fashion statement. It didn’t take long for stripes to make the crossover into design. Today, stripes are considered an interior design classic and a staple in home decorating. If you haven’t embraced stripes in your living space, here are five reasons you should add a striped rug.

Go Bold

Daria Rug from Dune Road Flat Weave by NuLoom

If you’re looking to make a striking statement in any room, think stripes! A striped accent rug is a fashion-forward way to pull together a room with a single signature piece. Adding a striped rug is also a simple option to change up the look and feel of a room without doing a major makeover. When going with stripes, make sure not to go overboard. If you are going bold with a striped rug, don’t hang striped curtains, use striped bedding or order a striped couch.

Make a Small Space Seem Larger

Hand Woven Darla Tassel from Delmar by NuLoom

Whether you live in an apartment or have smaller rooms in your home, the addition of a striped rug can actually make a room appear larger. Horizontal stripes make a room feel larger. So, if you have a small space, try putting a horizontally striped rug on the floor. Horizontal stripes are also considered more contemporary than vertical ones as well as more playful.

When going with a horizontally striped rug, look for one in bolder colors with thinner stripes. Wider stripes will work against the goal of making the room seem visually larger.

Always in Style

BOS101A from Boston by Safavieh

The reason interior designers avoid the trends-of-the moment is a decorating craze fades almost as fast as they exploded on the scene. Unlike inspirational wall signs, stripes are here to stay. If you invest in an area rug with stripes, you can be sure the design will stand the test of time.

With proper care, a striped rug will last and can easily transition into different rooms if needed. Stripes have been a fashion and decorating mainstay and will continue to endure. So, you can feel comfortable about choosing a striped rug to complement your decor.

Brighten a Child’s Room or Playroom

Flatweave Indoor Outdoor Kenton Stripes from Dellmore by NuLoom

An easy way to add color to a child’s bedroom or a playroom is to lay down a striped area rug. Since stripes are timeless, a striped accent rug will grow with your child from the infant years on. Stripes are playful and whimsical and easily blend with solids or florals. Even a teen or tween room will liven up with the addition of a striped accent rug.

Since striped rugs are readily available in an array of different rug materials, you will be able to find a soft, welcoming material like wool or cotton in stripes. A striped shag makes for a great addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom too since it will instantly add interest and coziness with one piece.

Great for Kids and Pets

MTK901G from Montauk .25 by Safavieh

If kiddos and four-legged pals are in the midst, a striped rug is an ideal style since the pattern can hide a multitude of sins. Unlike a solid white or dark rug that will immediately showcase stains, hair and other debris common with kids and pets, issues are not immediately obvious with a striped pattern.

Look for a striped rug in cotton, nylon, wool or polypropylene. These rug materials are a preferred pick for high traffic areas and won’t buckle under the pressure of little feet and paws.

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