March’s Most Popular Rugs

SKY-03 from Skye by Loloi

It’s March, and do you know what that means? Well, yes, birds, spring, warm weather, and blooming flowers (and a little bit of that famous March wind), but it also means rug-shopping! As we all know, picking that perfect rug is vital towards having your dream room, but it can get a tad overwhelming when the options start piling up. But hey! That’s what we’re here for.

We’ll be covering 13 of March’s most popular rugs, and, don’t worry, there’s one for every style, whether you’re a modernist or you veer towards a more rustic design scheme. Whatever you prefer, we’ll be covering it, so dive in!


LAY-03 from Layla by Loloi II

This olive-toned rug originates from India and features a power-loomed weave with 1/8-inch pile height. With such a gorgeous bohemian look, it’s easy to explain this rug’s popularity; the intricate patterns and faded colors offer a new dimension of beauty that is bound to leave your guests in awe. Another of the rug’s strengths is its versatility in size– the rug comes in ten different sizes, from a 1’6” sample size to a 9’12’ full-sized rug. The fun thing about this rug is that if you look closely, you can truly see the myriad of colors it holds, from light corals to dark maroons.


MLN-2305 from Milano by Surya

This stunning faded rug originates from Turkey and is 60% Viscose and 40% Polyester, with a machine-woven weave. Unlike many other rugs of this pattern, this Surya Rug (part of the Milano collection) is light grey, rather than the typical earthy brown tones of Persian-style rugs. This will give it a lighter presence in any room and is perfect for smaller rooms like might feel cramped or overcrowded with a darker-toned rug.  However, this doesn’t mean that this rug is easily overlooked; on the contrary, the central flower in the middle is an immediate eye-catcher.


HQL-8034 from Harlequin by Surya

This eclectic Surya Rug, part of the Harlequin collection, is made of 100% New Zealand Wool, with a hand-tufted weave, originating from India. It has quite a different look than the first two rugs we’ve covered, with a modern, multicolored stripe design that will bring life to any room! The stripes come in mustard yellow, dark purple, silver, sky blue, navy blue, and hot pink. Because it’s such a standout rug, be cautious about what colors you pair it with– a good path is to choose your favorite color out of all of them and pick out a couple of accent pieces in the same hue to decorate your living room with.


TC-09 from Torrance by Loloi

Loloi’s incredible rug– a proud member of the Torrance collection­– is made of 100% Microfiber Polyester and machine made, with a half inch pile height. There is a primarily neutral color scheme, with tangerine pops. The pattern may seem abstract, but upon a closer look, you can see that the rug is made up of a leafy pattern. Like our other rugs, this one offers a faded design, and it would go perfectly with a farmhouse decor! The ivories and beige mix well with the orange, offering a warm color palette for your area. When decorating, focus on pairing the rug with other oranges of a similar tone; it’ll give your room balance and depth.


CNG624C from Carnegie by Safavieh

This classy rug is 100% polypropylene is machine-made and originates from Turkey. It has a creamy color and light grey, with a patterned elegant flowery design. Because of the neutral colors of the rug, the surrounding decor should have a bit of color in it. Royal blues and purples are fantastic for crafting a graceful and stylish look; reds, oranges, and yellows will add a modern pop of color to this monochrome beauty; green is guaranteed to add a natural and homey vibe to the rug.


4928X from Hudson by Oriental Weavers

Jackson Pollock. Andy Warhol. Yayoi Kusama. Richard Serra. What do all of these names have in common? They are all modern artists! And, speaking of modern, that is the perfect word to describe this gorgeous rug from the Hudson Collection by Oriental Weavers. Originating from right here in the United States, this machine woven, polypropylene & polyester rug (with a whopping pile height of one inch) has a jaw-dropping abstract design that looks like it walked straight from the canvas and onto your living room floor. Its beautiful earthy tones will bring a whole nother dimension to your household.


COS-9056 from Cosmopolitan by Surya

Miss the mid-century modern style of the ’60s? We’ve got the key to your problem. Enter this funky rug from the Cosmopolitan collection by Surya. With deep reds, sharp oranges, pure whites, and creamy blues all contrasted against the chocolate brown. The design features a zoomed-in glance at a paisley design, so the bold design combined with the bright colors create quite a statement piece. Similarly to the TC-09, pick your favorite color from the rug and draw it out by including accent pieces of the same hue around your area.


25010-150 from Quartz by Dynamic Rugs

The faded porcelain blue rug is a timeless piece by Dynamic Rugs, part of the Quartz collection. It originates from Turkey and is 50& Viscose and 50% Polyester, with a machine-made weave and a 7/16-inch pile height. Upon closer look, you can see an almost patchwork square design placed sporadically over the surface, adding a dimension of handicraft and art to this rug. When pairing this gorgeous rug with whites, greys, and blues, you can preserve its classic look.


MC300 from Monaco by Dalyn

Often, the power of a solid colored rug is incredibly overlooked– many buyers get overexcited with the myriad of patterns, shapes, and designs on a rug. However, this wool hand-loomed rug, part of Dalyn’s Monaco collection and originating from India, proves that sticking with one hue can be incredibly beneficial. This soft, durable, and pet-friendly rug comes in eight different colors, from various shades of tan and grey to a striking navy blue. Benefits of a solid colored rug? You can have fun with your surrounding furniture and play with the simplicity of the rug! Often, solid rugs contrast beautifully with patterned pillows and striking décor.


AGO03 from Rachael Ray Agora by Kaleen

This eye-catching rug comes in two floral designs, boasting blooming flowers and twisting leaves, combining to create a faded canvas of pale greens, yellows, and oranges. Both rugs are 100% wool and hand-tufted from India, part of the Rachel Ray Agora collection by Kaleen. The high-quality rugs are nearly reminiscent of Monet’s Water Lilly painting, with a similar color scheme and nature-oriented design. The first design holds a deep azure background, while the second focuses on bright yellow floral pops. The symmetrical designs on both create a pattern that is pleasing to the eye.


LVP-2300 from Liverpool by Surya

Are you looking for a rug that’ll blow your mind? Well, look no further– Surya’s impeccable rug, a part of the Liverpool collection– has an eye for detail that’ll make you wonder how in the world anybody designed it. It’s machine woven, 70% polyester and 30% polyproline, originating from Turkey. From its variety of symmetrical flowery shapes to the ocean-blue and brick red border, this rug offers a truly unique look that is certain to enthrall your guests. Bonus? If you’re hosting a dinner party and lacking for conversation, you can just look at the rug– there’s enough detail that you’ll see something new every time!


JO-07 from Journey by Loloi

Loloi’s incredible rug– part of the Journey collection– is a jaw-dropping, eyebrow-raising, goose bump-evoking piece. The Egyptian beauty is 50% wool and 50% viscose and machine made, coming in two colors (or, if you fall in love enough, you can get both). Essentially, the two rugs are the opposite of each other: one is mainly a light cream, with darkened teal edges and accents, while the other is mainly teal, with cream accents.


SKY-03 from Skye by Loloi

Similarly to the rug above, the SKY-03 by Loloi (part of the Skye collection) features two color options which are a bit contrasting. The first is mainly denim and tan, while the other has pops of pink, light blue, and dark blue. The one thing they have in common? They’re both absolutely breathtaking! Featuring zigzagged geometrical designs with a patterned border, these two statement rugs are bound to spice up your living room.

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