How To Pick The Perfect Play Rug

Dwarf Island Playtime Rug from Storybrook by NuLoom

What child wouldn’t want to play on their own rug? Aladdin and his rug, or rather Carpet, had magical adventures. So can your child, which is why a play rug is an essential part of a child’s bedroom or play area.

What will it be used for?

Clora Playtime Rug from Giza by NuLoom

Regardless of the room you choose to place a play rug in, decide how the rug will be used. Is the rug a dedicated area to sit and read? Is it a place to build with toys? Is it a rest spot? A play rug not only provides a spot for these things but also a place to listen to music, snack, watch TV, draw, do puzzles, and more.

Where will the rug be? Will it be in the center of the room so they can play on it? Will, it be next to their bed?- Do you homeschool? Will the rug be in the home classroom? If you’re the grandparent, what part of your house are you purchasing this rug for?

You can have more than one play rug in a room. Even if your floor is covered wall-to-wall with carpet, layering with a play rug or two not only offers fun decor but also sets off different areas of the room.  Layering also makes the rug softer to sit or play on.

Comfortable play rugs

Hand Knotted Fez Shag from Moroccan by NuLoom

For comfortable play rugs, choose materials such as wool and wool blends. Not only are these easy on the feet and knees, but they’re also durable and stain resistant.

Synthetic materials are an excellent option for a more affordable play rug. Acrylic and polyester rugs are incredibly soft and durable enough to hold up over time. These materials come in a variety of styles and colors as well.

Natural fibers like jute, seagrass, and sisal will be scratchy, so it is best to avoid these materials when searching for a child’s rug.  Vinyl, viscose and polypropylene by themselves are also materials that might not be very comfortable to play or hang out on.

Place a rug pad under your rug to keep your rug from sliding. A rug pad will also add cushioning.

Themes and designs

Dwarf Island Playtime Rug from Storybrook by NuLoom

For quiet times a child needs a space to relax and rest. A rug with a pattern can help. Dots will get your child counting or outlining with their finger. They may even take that one small dinosaur toy on a tour of the rug hopping from dot to dot.  Swirl-patterned rugs are great to relax and daydream on as well.

Learning rugs are fun for any child. Featured learning rugs on include the alphabet, geometric shapes, numbers, planets, zoo animals, and maps. Use them in your homeschool or playroom.

Animal themes are plentiful on Woodland animals, sea creatures, birds are just some of the featured animals on kid’s rugs. Lion Cut Out is a soft lion-shaped rug perfect for a small child to play on in the bedroom.

Another popular theme is vehicles. Taxis and busses, construction trucks, boats, bicycles are just some you can find in a variety of colors. These make for fun spots to play on.

The princess theme is available, too. Simply a rug with the word “Princess” woven across it would let anyone know who rules the room. There is also an irresistible princess castle design. But a fluffy hot pink or soft pink rug either layered over a larger area rug or placed on a thick rug pad would also be a comfortable spot for a princess to sit or play.

Momeni has a whimsical collection to choose from featuring delightful designs for everyone. Chandra does, too, in its Allie collection. Check out the hopscotch and puzzle designs. Both come as large rugs made of wool, providing softness and durability. Chandra also has a Kids collection with some other great designs. And, check out Concord Global’s Funtime collection. Safavieh Kids features shag rugs in bright colors.

Best colors for a solid play rug

SFK904C from Safavieh Kids .63 by Safavieh

The best colors for a solid play rug might be your child’s favorite color. If there is too much of that one color already in the room, try a contrasting color. Check out the color wheel for ideas so you and your child can decide together. Colors across from each other on the color wheel go best together.

Consider the space and what you want the rug for. Blue is calming, red is excitable and yellow is cheerful. These ideas may apply to how you want to decorate. But there are so many shades between these three primary colors that you’re bound to find one that works great for your room and your child.

If you’re layering rugs and the child’s play rug is going over an already colorful print or patterned rug, try a simple light grey rug. It goes with almost everything.

Play rug sizes

Cloudy Sachiko from Cine by NuLoom

Many of the rugs from collections, such as Chandra’s Kids collection with the cool town and road designs, come in a 5’x7’ size. This is a good-sized area for a young child to call their own space. Whether they’re dumping building blocks or pretending with action figures, a 5’x7’ rug can contain the adventure.

Larger rugs for larger spaces are a consideration, too. Are you covering a room? Measure the room and allow for about 12″-18″ between the wall and the rug to show off the floor.

Try a round rug. These would be fun to use since kids like to sit in circles while playing with friends. Round rugs can be printed with a design like a whale in the deep ocean, brightly colored shag, or a learning rug. Round rugs also come in solid colors.

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