How to Use Oval Rugs

Hand Woven Rigo Jute Rug from Natura Jute by NuLoom

Oval is one of the most interesting shapes around. It’s curvy, fun, and helps transform any bland room. Oval rugs are a refreshing change from common and overused rectangle rugs. Since oval rugs are available in many different styles, you can find one for every room in your home.

Living Room

Hand Woven Rigo Jute Rug from Natura Jute by NuLoom

An oval rug can give your living room a cozy and elegant feel. If you have a coffee table, in your living room, an oval rug look perfect underneath. Oval rugs are better at keeping furniture in place than rectangular rugs.

Oval rugs are also great for going under sofas. If you have a simple couch and want to give your living room some flavor, add an oval rug. A colorful oval rug will make your space stand out. Just make sure that you find one that’s big enough.

Dining Room Rug

Hand Woven Rigo Jute Rug from Natura Jute by NuLoom

If you have a circular dining room table, an oval rug is a great match. After all, the design of your dining room table set should match the shape of your rug. This will bring a feeling of order and organization to your dining room.

If you have a small dining room table but want to trick your guests into thinking you have a bigger dining room, go for an oval rug. It creates the illusion of a larger space.  

Bedroom Rug

Hand Braided Tammara from Nomad Cotton by NuLoom

Oval rugs can make a fun addition to your bedroom. They can create a pleasing aesthetic when placed right next to your bed.

If your bedroom is also your workspace try adding an oval rug under your desk, and an oval rug under your bed. This will help define the space in your room to better separate your work from your relaxation.

Bathroom Rug

BRD210A from Braided by Safavieh

Since oval rugs look better in smaller spaces, they’re perfect as a bathroom rug. If you want to add some style to your restroom, use a colorful or patterned oval rug. You can also match it with your bathroom curtain, this will help your restroom look bigger.

Since oval rugs are good at staying in place, they are ideal for the restroom. You can place them under your sink or right next to your shower. Just make sure your rug is made out of a material that is resistant to mold and mildew.

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