Do I Need A Rug Pad On Carpet?

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When purchasing a rug, a lot of people fail to buy a rug pad along with it. Some people, especially younger individuals who are still figuring things out, may not even know that they need a rug pad, to begin with. If one does know to purchase a rug pad, they may wonder if they need a rug pad for their carpet like they would for tile or hardwood floors.

The simple answer is, yes, because every floor needs protection from the extra friction and wear that a rug can cause. Some people may think that the cushion a carpet provides is enough and therefore a rug placed on top does not require a rug pad, but in fact, that is not the case. A rug pad has different benefits for the different kind of floors it is used for, and using it on a carpet is no exception.

Create Longevity For Your Rug And Floor

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When purchasing a rug to go on any kind of floor, a rug pad is necessary to ensure that the rug will last for years to come. A rug pad helps create a cushion, as well as less friction, between the rug and floor whenever someone walks across it. This means that the fibers of the rug won’t get crushed and ensures that the rug won’t wear out as quickly as it would if it did not have a rug pad.

When using a rug pad for a carpeted floor specifically, not only will a rug pad protect the fibers of the rug, but it will protect the fibers in the carpet as well, creating longevity for that area of the carpet. So, contrary to what some people may think, using a rug pad for the sake of longevity is just as important as using it on hardwood or tile floors.

Protect Your Carpet From Stains

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The main problem one may face with placing a rug on a carpet is the transfer of dye from the rug onto the carpet, especially when it comes to more colorful rugs. The whiter the carpet is, the more one should worry about this issue. And dye transfer is not the only issue, but stains, in general, can transfer from your rug to your carpet, especially if you are using a previously used rug.

The solution to both of these problems is, of course, a trusty rug pad. Some people may think that skipping out on one won’t be that big of a deal, but later when there are stains that are impossible to get out of the carpet, you’ll wish you’d gotten one. Buying a rug pad is a small price to pay for peace of mind that your carpet will stay looking its best no matter how much wear it endures over time.

Ensure Your Rug Stays In Place

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One of the more important reasons for buying a rug pad, whether it be for hardwood or carpeted floor, is to ensure the rug stays in place. A slippery rug can be a hazard for anyone who may walk across it, leading to serious injuries; and no one wants to slip and fall because you neglected to purchase a rug pad.

Another benefit of having a rug that stays in place is that it makes it much easier to clean since it won’t be moving around while trying to vacuum it. It also prevents the rug from possibly crumpling up while both cleaning it and just walking across the rug. Either way, no one wants a rug that moves all over the place and doesn’t stay nice, straight, and neat.

Add Extra Comfort

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The extra softness that a rug pad provides is just an extra perk. Although it’s not totally necessary, a rug pad gives any rug more cushion and comfort for anyone who walks across it. It is not only great for those who live within the home, but also for any guests.

Although it may not be completely necessary for the purpose of comfort, it could be a good idea for those who have joint issues or someone whose feet hurt at the end of the day. Those who prefer or even need a soft surface to walk across can definitely be grateful for the invention of a rug pad. Again, it is just a small price to pay for all of the benefits that they come with.

Buy The Right Kind Of Rug Pad

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When purchasing a rug pad, the first thing to do is measure the rug to make sure you purchase the right size rug pad. This way, you won’t end up with a rug pad that is too big or too small. If you have a round or oval rug, that’s okay because the majority of rug pads are very easy to trim for the specific shape of your rug.

The next thing, and probably most important, is to make sure you buy the right kind of rug pad for the type of floor that you have. If you are buying a rug to go on a carpet, you need to buy a rug pad specifically made for carpeted floors. Rug pads made for carpet are made with different materials, usually felt and rubber, so that it locks into the fibers of the carpet ensuring that the rug can’t move around, stain your carpet, or cause anyone to slip and fall.

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