What Size Rug Goes Under a Queen Bed?

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A queen-size bed usually measures 60″x80″. It’s larger than a full or twin bed and smaller than a king. There are two less-common queen bed sizes, the California Queen, which measures 84″x60″, and the Olympic Queen bed, which measures 80″x66″.

An area rug underneath or to the side of a queen size bed keeps feet warm when you get out of bed, but it also complements the design scheme of your room. Although the area rug should extend 18″-24″ on either side of the bed, you may want a wider space.

Measuring the Area

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Ensure that you have the right size rug to go underneath your queen bed by measuring the area you want the rug to cover. Do you want the rug to cover the floor under nearby nightstands or other furniture? Think about this before you decide what rug to buy.

Here are some general rug sizing tips for the entire house. Take these tips into consideration when redecorating or moving into a new house.

Always choose a rug with a few more inches to spare. If the area is between two rug sizes, always opt for the larger rug. Even though you’ll spend more money, it will save you time and trouble in the long run.

The rug should be in sync with the space. Use a small rug in a small room, and fit rugs to match the room’s dimensions. Place a rug lengthwise in a long room, for example.

Buy painter’s tape and use it on your floor to determine the best placement for your rug. Try several different locations and orientations before deciding on the final placement. Even if you think a certain placement will look silly, you should still use the painter’s tape to find out for sure if the rug will fit.

Bedroom Rug Placement

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Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom. Adding a rug will cushion your bare feet every morning when you get up, especially in the winter.

You can place all four legs of your queen-size bed on the rug. An all-inclusive approach may allow the rug to reach underneath nightstands or other pieces of furniture next to the bed. Leave 18″-24″ of space around the perimeter.

Put 2/3rd of your bed on the area rug. This option won’t reach your nightstands but will still allow 18 “-24” of space past the foot of the bed and on the sides. Use an 8×10 rug for a queen bed. (King beds use a 9×12.)

If you position an 8×10 rug to lie a quarter of the way from the head of the bed, you’ll be able to place the rug under a bench, trunk or other items at the foot of the bed.

Queen beds, like other beds, benefits from runners if two sides of the bed are against a wall. Runners should be a little wider than your nightstands and shouldn’t run beyond the bed.

Size and Placement Ideas

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If your queen bed is in a standard size bedroom, you may be able to place a 6×9 rug under the bed. You’ll still have a soft landing place for your feet, but the rug won’t extend underneath your nightstands.

A 9×12 rug will fit underneath your bed and nightstands and extend outward at the sides and end of your bed. This extra large rug can hide flooring that might interfere with your new bedroom decor. Remember to have 18″ of floor between the walls and the edge of the rug.

Horizontal Sizing

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If your bed is 5′ wide, your rug should be positioned horizontally with it extending at least 2′ on each side of the bed. The rug should be at least 9′ long.

Place the rug properly by ensuring that it extends the same length at the bottom and on the sides. If you use a standard rug size, it should extend 18″ at the foot of the bed and 2’6″ on either side.

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