Transitional Rug Buying Guide

NM-01 from Nomad by Loloi

Transitional rugs are trending, and it’s a great time to buy one for your home. Transitional rugs combine the traditional look with contemporary styling. It’s a fusion of the modern and traditional elements of design.

Traditional Rugs vs Contemporary Rugs

Vintage Marianne from Miracle by NuLoom

Traditional rugs typically incorporate repetitive patterns and subdued or neutral colors. They tend to be complex designs with an equally complex border.  Designs feature flowers, trellis patterns, circles, and other geometric shapes. They can also feature natural items like birds or florals, or can be quite simple with a plain interior space and an ornate border. Borders are generally edged in a solid color. Persian and Oriental rugs are examples of traditional rug design.

Contemporary rug styles are always changing. They’re what is called “the design of the moment”. They incorporate elements of modern and abstract designs, bold colors, simple features and can be asymmetrical. Contemporary rugs are eclectic in pattern placement and color.  Contemporary rugs do not belong to a period of time and should not be confused with modern rugs, which are from an era typically dating in the middle of the 1900s. Contemporary rug styles are trendy and mix well with a variety of furniture styles and décor.

Transitional rugs blend these two styles together. These rugs might be bold and complex, muted and simple or any other combination.

Where can I use Transitional rugs?

NM-01 from Nomad by Loloi

Many homeowners are using transitional rugs in any room since they go so well with all types of furniture and décor.  They’re also great in loft apartments because they can bridge the modern elements of a loft and its industrial feel, with a warm open space that incorporates wood elements.

Transitional rugs look great in dorm rooms, as runners in a hallway, and beneath your bed.  Depending on the manufacturer, you can find transitional rugs in any size and shape including round, rectangular or square.

Transitional Rugs with a Traditional Flair

MV-04 from Millennium by Loloi

Many transitional rugs that have a traditional style look like well-worn floor coverings. They are simply designed that way.  Do you remember seeing a Persian rug that looked old, so old that it was showing wear and the color was missing? That is the way some muted-transitional rugs are styled using a variety of hues in one color.  NuLoom’s Vintage Kellye Medallion Rug is a perfect example. Soft blue tones with a traditional design that looks like it’s a bit worn out. It’s a classic look for both a modern and traditional decorated room.

Muted doesn’t have to mean soft cool colors. Surya’s AIC-2320 is muted in warm colors. Still, it’s a worn look in a traditional design. Let these warm colors shine as a focal point in your room and perhaps placed in front of a sitting area for maximum enjoyment.

A bold-colored rug with a traditional pattern can add whimsy to a room. Pick one with colors already highlighted in your room or buy one that will set the color scheme. Safavieh’s APN115A is an example of a transitional rug blending traditional patterns with bold colors. This would look great in any room, including a home office.

Geometric patterns are also part of transitional design. Momeni’s Serene Collection of hand-hooked rugs uses patterns in a variety of hues. This collection features watercolor softness with traditional patterns.

For an eccentric design, Rizzy’s RP8769 takes a traditional image and turns it into a modern art piece with color. This rug features an overlay of a deep red on a light tan design. The design is thrown off balance and offers a variety of ways to display it.

Transitional Rugs with Contemporary Styling

Vintage Karen Persian Rug from Casablanca by NuLoom

Bold colors, modern geometric shapes with blurred lines, florals, and abstract designs are some elements of contemporary rugs. Transitional rugs capture currently trending decorating styles.

Surya’s TEC-1030 combines stripes and bold colors for a rug you can use anywhere. Their TEC-1008 is a fun rug design to use with a variety of furniture styles. For more bold colors, Rizzy’s EH8643 features a trendy medallion pattern in both colors set to a contrasting background. This hand-tufted wool rug would look great in a dining room or as the focal point in a den.

Surya takes the chevron pattern and blurs the lines in their SWA-1004 rug.  Vibrant blues and violets, black and white highlight this design. It’s a contemporary twist on a popular style.

Rizzy’s BD8771 is a bold, floral pattern great for any sized room or furniture style. This 100% hand-tufted, wool rug features teardrop shapes, along with dots and perfectly placed brush strokes form petals of an off-centered flower.  For another transitional floral design try Branch by Capel.

Abstract art shows up on Meva Rugs FL06. This warm-color rug looks like a close-up view of a flower pattern. An interesting piece for any room in the house, it’s made of soft, 100% wool.

Transitional rugs work well with the trending Wabi Sabi design. This style uses rugs made of natural materials. Jaipur’s Almand is a natural, hand-loomed jute rug. Jaipur’s Twool is a hemp rug with a soft geometric pattern.

Outdoor Transitional Rugs

JOL-1009 from Jolene by Surya

Transitional rugs are a great option for outdoor spaces. Look for rugs made of durable materials. A weave that allows rain to drain, rather than sit on top of the rug, works best.  Try an outdoor transitional rug like Trans-Ocean’s Karela in blue under your picnic table. Or surround it with comfortable outdoor furniture.

Transitional rugs complement a wide range of home décor styles. While searching online for the perfect one, look at the manufacturer’s collection so you can mix and match designs throughout your house. Remember to pick a rug pad to protect your floors and make your rug plush to walk over.

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