Best Indoor/Outdoor Rugs for Summer

JOL-1008 from Jolene by Surya

Slowly but surely, we’re inching away from winter’s frozen chill and towards the warm embrace of summertime. First, there’s a lot to do until then. There are winter coats to store, bathing suits to buy, and, you guessed it, summer rugs to pick out!

One of the best parts of summer is the weather. The sunshine and gorgeous temperatures mean that you can spend more time outside, so it’s time to make the most of your outdoor area. A common misconception is that rugs are only for the indoors, but outdoor rugs are an excellent way to spruce up your outdoor area and add a little personality, particularly because outdoor areas are often overlooked. To help you find some rugs that can be utilized both indoors and outdoors, we’ve compiled a list of 11 of the best indoor/outdoor rugs for summertime. 


Mum from Frontporch by Trans Ocean by Liora Manne

This stunning floral rug is a showstopper that comes in four different colors: teal, dark blue, green, and orange, so it’s likely that you’ll find a color that works for you. Made by Trans Ocean by Liora Manne, this hand-tufted beauty is an explosion of color that wonderfully encapsulates nature’s natural beauty. For a lovely summer addition that’ll bring cheer to the indoors or outdoors, be sure to check this rug out!

It would be a great front porch, entryway, or patio addition. Surrounding décor depends on the color you choose:

Teal would be great poolside or surrounded by tans, golds, and dark browns.

Navy really pops when compared against creams and whites.

Green would be beautiful against brick or terracotta color to bring out its natural tones.

Orange would be beautiful against light and dark greys.


Irona from Belize by Jaipur

The Irona rug takes all of the colors from the Mum rug and puts them together in a beautiful mix of red, orange, teal, blue, and green. However, if the bright colors aren’t for you, the rug is also offered in a more neutral palette of dark blue and various shades of tan. It’s offered in an Aztec geometric pattern that will add a lovely refreshing touch to your home.

Because of the myriad of colors in the rug, you can have fun matching its colors to your surrounding décor: choose your favorite color in the rug and pull from it! Because the colors are so bright, you have to be careful and make sure you don’t mix too many colors together, which will look messy and overwhelming.


Shells from Karela by Trans Ocean by Liora Manne

Take a trip under the sea with this nautical gem of a rug that features a fun mix of seashells and starfish. What better way to bring the ocean into your home (or backyard). This spunky collection of undersea gems comes with an offering of three different background colors: navy blue, teal, and sandy tan.

All of the colors are reminiscent of a relaxing day at the beach, so pick your favorite: do you like the deep, choppy navy waters of the ocean, the clear, sparkling teal waters of the tropics, or the warm, soft sand that sinks beneath your toes? This durable and pet-friendly rug will thrive anywhere, whether it be your living room, balcony, or the dock at your beach house.


JOL-1008 from Jolene by Surya

This rug is like looking into a kaleidoscope, so if you’re into eclectic, colorful, geometric designs, Surya’s multicolored beauty may be the perfect pick for you! Step into a world of color and happiness, where bright pinks and yellows pop out from your very own patio floor.

Because this rug is such an accent piece, be wary when pairing it with other bold colors: a great look, on the other hand, is to pair it with neutrals so that you can give your rug the spotlight to shine.


NF115Q from Natural Fiber Seagrass .5 by Safavieh

A common misconception is that neutrals are safe and boring. However, this rug proves that they are simply an understated masterpiece. Sometimes, a rug’s power comes from its material, not its design.

The NF115Q is made of seagrass, flowering plants that typically grow underwater. Seagrass makes for durable and hardy rugs of high-quality, and they bring a naturalistic vibe to your home with their intricate weave. This rug can be found in surf shops, beachside restaurants, Tiki bars, and, hopefully, your home.


SEA04 from Sea Isle by Kaleen

Are you ready for your daily dose of flamingo facts? The flamingo is typically found in Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. They are bright pink and get their feather hue from the food that they eat, like shrimp. They eat with their head upside down and hold their breath, and a group of flamingos is called a colony. They’re monogamous and lay one egg per year, which makes for a fairly large sum of kids, given that flamingos live up to 20 or 30 years on average.

Feeling inspired by this amazing bird? Check out Kaleen’s beautiful flamingo rug, which features two large flamingos against a light blue (or yellow) background. Either way, the bird’s brightly colored feathers are bound to pop out against its primary-colored background, to create quite a colorful rug.


SE11 from Seaside by Dalyn

Do you like money and the ocean? Then you’re going to love this funky sand dollar beach rug, from Dalyn’s Seaside collection. It comes in three colors: navy blue, ivory, and khaki, and boasts a hand-tufted weave of polyester and acrylic. Bad news, though– sand dollars are actually a species of flattened, burrowing sea urchins, so they aren’t quite worth anything in real money. They make a gorgeous rug, though!


SKE-4014 from Skye by Surya

Palm trees against a blue sky are one of the most picturesque paintings of summertime… so why not put this design on a rug? This tropical piece with a hand-made weave is bright, optimistic, and just screams summertime.

This piece is for all you palm tree lovers, especially those who aren’t fortunate enough to live in an area with the leafy plant. Fortunately, there’s always a way for you to get your fix, and the SKE-4014 is one of them!


SKE-4000 from Skye by Surya

…On the other hand, the SKE-4000 focuses a little less on palms and a little more on tropical flowers. The design features a bunch of beautiful blooming lilies in a bright pink hue, which offers a stark contrast against the leafy greens of the palm tree leaves behind them. What better way to show your love for the tropics than to commemorate it with a lively and vibrant rug?


HVT-04 from Ventura by Loloi

To commemorate the beauty that is our oceans, and to emphasize the actions that we need to take to preserve our them, check out this coral rug by Loloi, which is a wonderful representation of the coral reefs’ natural beauty. And, while you’re at it, check out this fund which supports conservation efforts.

Shell Toss

Shell Toss from Frontporch by Trans Ocean by Liora Manne

What happens when you mix sand dollars and seashells? The shell toss rug! This spunky rug comes in three colors– teal, coral, and tan– and offers the illusion of shells half-buried in the sand. Travel back to your childhood days spent scouring the sand for precious shells by checking out this beachy piece.

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