How To Clean A Polypropylene Rug

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Polypropylene is a popular rug fiber for high traffic areas. The synthetic fiber first gained interest in Italy in 1957 with the work from Giulio Natta and Karl Ziegler. The pair even took home a Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1963 for their endeavors to make polymers into a usable fiber. Today, polypropylene is an affordable, attractive rug material that is ideal for most rooms in the home.

The appeal of polypropylene is its budget-friendly price tag and durability. Despite being manufactured from a material often found in toys, packaging and even cars, polypropylene rugs are also soft and comfy. Another major appeal of polypropylene rugs is the fact that the material is incredibly low maintenance. While polypropylene rugs don’t need a lot of upkeep, when the material does need to be cleaned, the approach is fairly simple.

Vacuum Regularly

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All rugs can do with a regular vacuuming schedule. Vacuuming will prolong the life of a rug and that includes polypropylene area rugs. Vacuuming prevents dirt, dust, and debris from settling deep into the rug fibers.

Vacuuming a polypropylene rug once a week will help to keep it clean. If a home has pets and children, a bi-weekly vacuuming may be necessary especially in high traffic areas to prevent a buildup of hair and other things tracked into the house.

Spot Cleaning Stains

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Polypropylene rugs are treated so the fibers are inherently stain-resistant except when it comes to oil-based stains. As with any rug, stains should be addressed as soon as possible. The longer a stain sits on any rug material the more difficult it is to get out. Before attacking a stain on a polypropylene rug just as other area rug fibers, always remember to check the manufacturer’s directions first before spot cleaning any stain.

The best way to deal with a wet stain on a polypropylene rug is to blot it with a clean cloth or paper towel with water. Make sure to blot from the outside of the stain in and avoid rubbing. Rubbing digs a stain in deeper. If necessary, add a few drops of mild dish soap to the water mixture. Oil-based stains may require a dry cleaning liquid. Blot gently with the dry cleaning liquid until the stain is gone and then vacuum. For solid stains, scrape away as much debris as possible before blotting with water and a clean cloth. Vacuum afterward.

Washing your Polypropylene Rug

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Polypropylene rugs are relatively low maintenance, but if the need arises it can be washed fairly easily. To wash a polypropylene rug, take it outside on a nice day and wet it down with the garden hose. Then take a few drops of mild dish soap and use a scrub brush to clean the accent rug. Next, thoroughly rinse the rug with the hose.

A yearly wash at spring cleaning time will most certainly be enough for your polypropylene rug.

Drying your Polypropylene Rug

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Polypropylene rugs are crafted with synthetic fibers so do not place a polypropylene rug into the dryer after washing or removing a stain. The heat from the dryer will damage the fibers and may even cause melting. Instead, allow the polypropylene area rug to air dry on a clothesline or over a railing.

Be sure to dry both sides of the rug before bringing it inside. When air-drying a polypropylene rug outside, take care not to put it in direct sunlight. Concentrated sunlight can damage the fibers of a polypropylene rug, which in turn will shorten the life of the rug.

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