What Kind Of Rug You Should Buy Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Shania Medallion Shaggy from Expo Lux by NuLoom

We all have an interior designer inside of us, but there are also many of us who aren’t completely sure what we want and may need a little help when choosing. This can especially go for rugs. It may seem like a simple item, but it can dictate the feel and style of any room. It’s definitely not something that should be taken lightly.

One interesting thing to look into is your Zodiac sign, which can dictate how we decorate our house and what style looks aesthetically pleasing to you specifically. Although everyone may not believe in the power of astrology, it certainly can’t hurt to look into it. And who knows? You may end up finding exactly what you’ve been looking for.


KR-01 from Kiara Shag by Loloi

Aquariuses are very strong and independent individuals. They don’t typically go for anything antique but instead, stay on top of trends and have a very modern style. Aquariuses also tend to be extremist in everything they do. They don’t need anyone’s approval to do anything and there’s no exception when it comes to their home décor.

It makes sense that, for an Aquarius, the perfect rug would be something modern that pops. Animal print is something that has recently come back into style, and it definitely represents someone who isn’t boring, which certainly describes an Aquarius.


Joy Tribal Rug from Carnival by NuLoom

Those who were born an Aries are ruled by the planet of Mars so it would make sense that a red rug would represent them as a person. Aries also tend to need something to keep them motivated and help keep their spirits high, since they are an easily depressed sign.

Aries also tend to be an artistic spirit, so what better way to incorporate that artistic side into the home than by adding a bright splash of color? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a blinding bright red. It can be more subtle shade just as well. Either way, a red carpet is a perfect fit for the personality of an Aries.


FSS118B from Faux Sheep Skin by Safavieh

A Taurus is someone who just sits back and minds their own business. While being unproblematic, they also love being comfortable, especially within their home. It makes sense that a nice, soft, and fluffy rug would perfectly fit the needs of a Taurus.

Tauruses are also very dependable people, and they prefer to find dependability in the things within their lives, whether it be in their peers, food, or in this case, a rug. So, a nice solid color to go along with a fluffy rug would be perfect.


VTL202H from Vintage Leather by Safavieh

Cancers are both romantic and sensitive. They also love all things nostalgic. They tend to stray away from modern and trendy things when it comes to interior design and looks to more rustic and antique items.

With that being said, they prefer things with a lot of character rather than something plain or basic. There are some people who would prefer a rug on the plain side because it goes with everything else in the home, but a Cancer would rather not be bored with plain or basic things.


Maria Floral from Nile by NuLoom

Gemini is one of the most wildly creative signs. This can cause them to be a messier sign, but it also makes their style the most fun and interesting. A Gemini doesn’t care if their colorful style will clash with other home décor, as long as they’re in a fun, stimulating environment, they’ll be okay.

A Gemini’s creative mindset can also make them susceptible to constantly changing the layout within the home so you can expect a Gemini to go through many different rugs throughout their life; a Gemini will never fail to keep you on your toes.


BOK138P from Bokhara by Safavieh

A Leo is a typically high maintenance sign when it comes to their home and the pieces that they use to decorate it. While everything within the home will be classy and elegant, there will also be many pops of color to create a happy atmosphere. Needless to say, a Leo looks at every little detail when decorating.

The perfect match for a Leo is a colorful, yet tasteful traditional rug. It’s classy enough to satisfy the amazing taste of a Leo while still having many different colors to keep things fun and interesting.


Tracy Moroccan Tassel Rug from Majesty by NuLoom

Unlike the unpredictable style of a Gemini, a Virgo loves everything clean-cut and exactly a certain way. Entering into the home of a Virgo can make one extremely envious since Virgos tend to set the standard for a clean, perfectly decorated home.

A lot of us can say we love a nice, modern white rug, but not as a much as Virgos. This kind of rug will meet the needs of a perfectionist Virgo. You can also bet that there aren’t many others who will keep their perfect, white rug as clean as they will.


SJ-08 from Sahara by Loloi

A Libra’s taste can be similar to that of a Leo, in that they can often have classy, expensive taste. They’re lovers of all things beautiful and their home can easily show that. It can be hard to deny that contemporary rugs come in many beautiful designs. These unique, homey designs can easily make a Libra happy.

Similar to a Gemini, the Libra is very artistic, if not more so. The style of a contemporary rug not only satisfies the Libra’s need for beautiful things with good quality but also satisfies their need for creativity.


Shania Medallion Shaggy from Expo Lux by NuLoom

Like a Taurus, Scorpios love to be comfortable in their home. They’re homebodies and need their alone time, so it makes sense that, similar to a Taurus, they need their rug to be comfortable like everything else in their home.

A shag rug will ensure that their home will be as comfy as possible. No matter what, you can ensure that you’ll feel completely at ease when in the home of a Scorpio.


EZ-02 from Enzo by Loloi

As opposed to the Scorpio, a Sagittarius is the opposite of a homebody. They love to get out and explore the world, and while they love to have a properly decorated home, they can easily feel trapped if in the house for too long. So, it makes sense that an outdoor rug would suit the needs of a Sagittarius.

As someone who loves to get out and travel, it also makes sense that a Sagittarius should have a rug that is pretty low-maintenance.


TZA01 from Tiziano by Kaleen

For the most part, Capricorns pick items that will last for many years to come. They also tend to love the look of antique items that look as though they have already stood the test of time.

Capricorns are also known to prefer something that’s practical rather than comfortable, so it makes sense that they would need a rug that can’t wear and tear since it is already made to look that way.


Ardelle Swirl Shaggy from Expo Lux by NuLoom

Pisces is yet another sign that views their home as their own oasis and is also a sign that has an artistic spirit. Similar to a Scorpio and Taurus, they need absolute comfort in their home, but also need a splash of color to satisfy their artistic side.

While most shag rugs come in solid colors, they can also come in many unique designs that would fit perfectly within the home of a Pisces.

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