How to Use an Orange Rug

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Orange is the new black. No, we’re not talking about the popular Netflix show. We’re talking about the fact that orange is a super hot decorating color right now. Believe it or not, if used right, orange can be incredibly eye-catching, sophisticated, and beautiful in a room.

Perhaps, there’s an orange rug that you’ve had your eye on, but you’re refrained from buying because you don’t think you’ll be able to pull it off? Well, we’re here to tell you that you can definitely make an orange rug work. But, you need to make sure you follow some guidelines before you drape that rug across the floor. Otherwise, the orange rug will just end up looking like a huge traffic cone in the middle of your room.

So, how do you make sure of an orange rug in your home? Check out this guide to learn how to use an orange rug.

Keep Things Neutral

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It’s no secret that orange is a bold, uncommon rug color. To keep things balanced, decorate the area around your orange rug in neutral hues, but make sure you choose the right neutral colors or things can easily be thrown off-balance. In general, you’ll want to keep the shading the same. In other words, if your rug is a light shade of orange, such as peach, you’ll want to pick neutral colors that are on the lighter side as well. Light neutral colors worth considering include white, ivory, light gray, or cream.

On the flip side, if you have a rug that’s in a darker shade of orange, you’ll want to choose neutral colors that are also darker. For a dark orange rug, consider decorating with dark neutral colors such as black, tan, or gray. Your neutral decor pieces can include your walls, furniture, and other room accessories.

Choose the Right Shade of Orange

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If you envision a bright, traffic cone when you think of orange, it’s time that you expand your horizons. Orange comes in a number of different shades, many of which work great with a number of different colors.

Let’s take a quick look at the different shades of orange you should consider:


For those who want to give a room a romantic, sexy vibe, apricot is the way to go. Pair your rug with an array of candles and plants, and you’ll feel like you’re coming in from a relaxing day at the beach.


If you love the idea of decorating your space in earthy, warm tones, autumn orange is the shade for you. It can also go with bolder colors like hot pink, aqua, olive, or chartreuse.

Blood Orange

If you want to ignite and excite the senses, a blood orange rug is the way to go. This can look especially great on top of a black and white floor.


Believe it or not, a bold orange rug can actually be the perfect accessory to a minimalist room. It will prevent your other pieces of furniture from looking washed together.


For those a little scared to choose a rug that is full on orange, brick orange is the perfect happy medium. With its shades of red and brown, it’s unique without being overbearing.


Do you love the idea of giving your space a vintage look? If so, brown-tinged orange is the perfect shade.


Coral is a great shade if you want to decorate the rest of your room in more neutral colors. A darker shade of coral looks great with white, black, brown, or ivory.


Do you want your home to have a Mediterranean vibe? If so, a creamsicle rug is just what you need. Pair it with turquoise, brown, and shades of green, and you’ll feel like you’re in Greece.


Daffodil is a super pale orange. In fact, it is almost a bit more yellow than orange. A daffodil rug can provide a nice glow, and it looks great paired with dark grays and blues.


Of course, we can’t forget about pumpkin. If you want your space to have an autumn vibe year-round, a pumpkin orange rug is the perfect choice.

Summer Squash

This is a shade that has a gold tint to it. It’s a healthy mix of both yellow and orange, and it’s really great for any room with navy, turquoise, or pink accents.

Terra Cotta

If you want a really toned down shade, try terra cotta. It’s warm and flattering and will look great on top of a dark wood floor.

Bring It Outdoors

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If you can’t find a way to tie your orange rug into a room without redecorating the whole space, consider placing it outdoorsIf you have a nice porch or deck, an orange rug can provide the perfect touch. Orange rugs look especially great against dark wood or texture. Texture can be added with wicker furniture, decorative stones, throw pillows, or wooden tables.

Another great thing about adding your orange rug to your outdoor space is that it’s much easier to redecorate your outdoor space around your rug. Just add some orange throw pillows, an orange awning, or other orange accents and you’re good to go.

Design Your Room Around Your Orange Rug

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a blank slate, start with your orange rug and building from there. By starting with a bold-colored rug, it’s much easier to incorporate pops of color throughout the room. Start by choosing a shade then move onto the walls. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to select a neutral color for your walls. White, ivory, and gray are all colors that are easy to work with.

After choosing a wall color, move onto the furniture and accessories. This is where you’ll really want to pay attention to the shade of orange you chose, to help you pick the right complementary colors. If you feel like your rug still looks odd, try finding ways to incorporate small pops of orange throughout the room. For example, you can add an orange lamp, a few orange planters, an orange candle holder, or an orange picture frame.

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