Trendy Black and White Rugs For Any Style

ZD-01 from Zadie by Loloi

There are dozens of reasons to use black or white rugs in your house. Both black and white are considered neutral. Used as a base, black and white go great with any accent color. Black and white rugs also have personality. Both can be used as statement pieces in a room.

Black rugs have a touch of class. Black provides richness to the surrounding décor. A black rug can make a statement in a pale, monochromatic room creating a focal point or anchoring a sitting area or piece of furniture. A black rug can balance black accent pieces that are scattered around a room.

White rugs are elegant. A plush or shag white rug can add softness to an industrial or a minimalist room. White rugs make a room appear larger because of their ability to reflect light, making a room brighter.

Since black and white go with any color, decorating with rugs of both black and white can add elegance, style, class and maybe some whimsey.  Follow this guide for some trendy black and white rugs to match your style.

Modern Trellis Patterns

REV-03 from Revolution by Kaleen

Trellis patterns are timeless. Some patterns have simple lines, others are curvy, and there are some complex patterns incorporating multiple geometric shapes. Trellis patterns are trendy and work well with many styles of furniture. Black and white trellis rugs certainly add personality to any room. Large rugs, small rugs, and runners are popular in trellis patterns. Black walls and white trim would add to the stunning look of a large black and white trellis pattern on the floor.

Trellis patterns give you two options for a black and white rug. Choose a black rug with a white trellis like MTK725d from Safavieh’s Montauk collection. Or go white with a black trellis.  Nourison’s LIN01 is a perfect black-on-white trellis. A conversational rug, it begs the question “do the lines form shapes that are pointing to the right or to the left?” Elegant but fun, this trellis is universal.

Animal Print and Animal Hide

ZD-01 from Zadie by Loloi

From real animal hide to faux zebra stripes, black and white animal prints are always trendy and can be used in any room including the kid’s bedroom. Animal hide rugs are easy to care for and are quite durable. Use them directly on the floor or layer the hide over another, larger rug. Either way, animal hide rugs are a focal point and a statement piece. Simple black and white animal hide rugs will go with any décor from contemporary to farmhouse rustic to Boho. Not sure you want a real animal-hide rug in your house? There are machine-crafted rugs mimicking animal hide, in shape and size, that you can use.

Zebra, cow and leopard print in black and white on a rug is equally a statement piece. Zebra, by Trans Ocean, is an indoor/outdoor rug made of hand-tufted polypropylene and acrylic.  Its sized for small sitting areas and larger rooms including outdoor patios. Nourison goes one step further with animal prints and creates an animal skin design on a hand-tufted wool rug in black and white.

Stripes and Chevrons

SEV-2311 from Seville by Surya

Stripes and Chevron design are so classic and in black and white, these styles can add drama to any room. Chevron rugs of black and white can be thin lined or wide and bold. Some chevron designs are muted with soft lines. Any way you look at it, black and white chevron can be the statement for the room accented in lively colors. Use it in a beach house, a loft apartment or an office.

Stripes can go width-wise or run the length of a rug. A black and white runner rug with stripes going along the length will enhance a long hallway. Placed before a black or a white sofa, it can make your furniture appear longer. Stripes are easy to work with. Stripes going the width of a rug are quite popular and most striped rugs are designed this way. Some rugs appear to be equally black and white. Others might be black with a thinner white stripe or white with a thinner black strip. Decide the look you want and have fun shopping.

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