Times to Buy A New Rug

BER218A from Berber Shag 200 by Safavieh

New home

AZM03 from Azura by Nourison

Moving to a new home is exciting and part of the excitement is updating your decor. With a new rug, you’ll start fresh, maybe with a different color or pattern. You can always clean and store the old one if you want to use it again or pass it to the kids when they move out.

“Out with the old, in with the new,” unless, you have an antique family rug you want to keep and move to your new home.  In that case, be sure to have it professionally cleaned before putting it in your new home. Check the rug pad, too, for both freshness and age. This might be a good time to get a new rug pad. It is always a good idea to start off fresh.

New season

ZR-06 from Zharah by Loloi

Spring cleaning may give you that itch to redecorate. But summer, fall, and winter are also great times to incorporate a new rug into your house. Take a season and a room and add a new rug. For the spring, consider a new rug for the back porch or patio. Outdoor rugs add to a porch or patio adding color and style. In the summer season, change out the living room or family room. Since most people spend more time outdoors in the summer, this is the perfect time to redo the interior living spaces of your home.

If you have wall-to-wall carpet, add a rug to layer over it. Go with a color theme, a contrasting color or add a bold design.  Using the 2019 color trends, try something new that can accent your furniture and accessories like Jaipur’s Culpot from the Peridot collection.

Before the fall arrives, update the dining room. Match your furniture style and your rug style. Go with Mid-Century Modern, Contemporary, Boho, or Farmhouse.

When winter arrives, add a newer, plusher rug to a bedroom. Who wouldn’t want to step out of bed onto a soft rug warming the floor?  Find a thick pile rug like Safavieh’s Casablanca Wool Collection or even thicker Gypsy Rugs Collection.


PO-01 from Promenade by Loloi

If you’re spending the time to renovate your home, a new rug would make the renovation complete. Even new wall paint could use a new rug. Find rugs with contrasting colors to your new paint. If your furniture and decor pieces stand out, blend your rug with your wall’s coloring.

Transitional rugs, which blend contemporary with traditional designs, would be great in a newly renovated room.  Going for the latest wallpaper designs? Pick out a color from the pattern and use it in your rug.

Kids growing up

BER218A from Berber Shag 200 by Safavieh

The rug with the city roads all over it was great when your child was little but now it’s time for a new rug. Kid’s ideas of cool change from each phase of their lives. It’s fun for a child to have control over the way their bedroom looks. Does your daughter want hot pink or would she rather have a glam rug?  Is your son now in need of a contemporary shag rug?

When the kids grow, change the décor in their rooms and the rugs on their floor. Even if you have wall-to-wall carpet, a new rug layered on the carpet can be fun and comfortable for your child at any age. As teenagers, they’ll need an even newer look.  Teens are more tuned in to current style than parents may realize. Giving them the opportunity to pick out a new rug to reflect their personality through their high school years is an empowering experience. It also gives them something to take to college and use in their dorm or apartment.

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