What Are Loloi Rugs?

NZ-01 from Cadence by Loloi

Loloi rugs are the epitome of cool for your home. As home trends change, mass-production is giving way to artisan integrity. This path has been paved by celebrities including household names, Joanna and Chip Gaines. There is a resurgence of wanting rugs and accessories that are made using old-world techniques. These techniques include processes that take the rug from start to finish creating a decadent, hand-crafted highlight for your home.

You will find that these pieces become the true heart of your home as they are able to not only stand out but seamlessly tie together your space. Plus, there is a certain feel-good aspect of supporting artisans and designers coming together to create statement pieces. This is another reason why Loloi focuses on collaborations. The world of Loloi entices us by being ripe with celebrity approval, including Magnolia superstars the Gaines, along with necessary accessories, custom choices and time-honored artistry.

Heirloom Quality Rugs

JQ-01 from Java by Loloi

Loloi is a company steeped in artistry. They bring a thoughtful intention to your home by using craftsmanship that can withstand the test of time. Loloi believes its pieces will make your home a truly special experience. Each step of their process focuses on bringing beautiful materials together with texture, color, and design to create the pieces you’ve been dreaming of. Take for example the PO635 that resembles a traditional tweed but runs trendy with its block of fun fringe.

Loloi focuses on making things by hand where artisans can continue to transcend time by hand-tying, stretching, spinning, and dying the fabric all under one roof. It is this thoughtful intent that makes owning a Loloi so special. It’s almost as if each piece was created with you in mind. You can feel the sun, wind, and strength that went into the countless hours of workmanship. The artisans pass down their skills to the next generation the same as you can pass down your heirloom rug. Loloi insists that not only their rugs are of heirloom quality but also the vast array of accessories on offer.

More Than Rugs

GQ-02 from Gemology by Loloi

The genius of Loloi is that they have taken the prestige of their rugs and turned it up a notch by including the accessories that are necessary for a complete home. For example, the PO562 throw pillow that not only can be considered a basic but can add a little personality to an otherwise quiet space. It is easy to update each and every room in your home with something a little special from this authentic company.

Take the PO265 pillow that adds subtle and modern texture that will for sure draw the eye of your most hard-to-impress guest. These items feel fresh, timeless and most of all, well made. You’re not going to be replacing these anytime soon, rather you’ll be happy to play house with them in various rooms throughout your home. Loloi makes accessories that are the pillows dreams are made of and celebrities think so too.


NZ-01 from Cadence by Loloi

You may know a Joanna or a Chip but you for sure know Joanna and Chip Gaines of Magnolia fame. This once humble couple has brought farmhouse style into the future. Joanna has collaborated with Loloi to include undeniably beautiful rugs, throws, and of course, the requisite throw pillow.

The genius in this collaboration is that all of the pieces are designed to mix and match to provide your inner-most diva a chance to continually change your mind. Although it’s unlikely you’ll change your mind about something as eye-catching and on trend as the PO638 throw pillow. You may find you can’t live with just one! It’s especially appealing to know that should Joanna stop by she will approve of all of your sartorial choices! Whether or not she is in your neighborhood, you’ll be sure to draw the accolades of your nearest and dearest. Plus, Loloi is in a lot more homes than just the Gaines as all of your favorite celebrities are in on the action.


JY-04 from Juneau by Loloi

Celebrities love Loloi and why wouldn’t they? Big name collaborators include more than just Joanna Gaines. Take, for example, Ellen DeGeneres, Justina Blakeney and the Rifle Paper Co. Miss DeGeneres brings her quirky bite to rugs by instilling neutrals with graphic patterns. It’s as if she’s there dancing and joking in your living room. Whereas Miss Blakeney focuses on the truly wild and unexpected. You only live once so why not grab the item that’s making your heart sing.

Or maybe your style rides with the Rifle Paper Co. where the home sweet home logo is tongue-in-cheek on a modern throw pillow. Why not try a multi-colored “home” embroidered version for yourself? The choice are endless. Scroll your favorite celebrities on Instagram and you will see Loloi front and center in their picture-perfect settee. Plus who’s to say that you didn’t have it first! You’re sure to instill your celebrity status with a unique find from Loloi.

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