5 Types Of Rugs You Need If You Have An Artistic Spirit

TRA02 from Tranquil by Nourison

When it comes to decorating, those who have an undeniable artistic soul are some of the best interior designers out there. Although artistic souls are wildly creative, that doesn’t mean they don’t need help every now and then.

Rug buying specifically can be harder than one might realize. An area rug can set the tone for the entire room, so it’s important to buy the right one. While most people may not put much thought into the buying process and purchase a basic rug, for more artsy people, nothing can be boring or basic. Here are just a few of the best options of rugs to choose from for that of an artistic soul.

Animal Print Rugs

SSO03 from Stesso by Kaleen

There are those of us who are creative and then there are those of us who are creative but still have a love for trendy things. If you’re that person, an animal print rug would be a great way to go when it comes to furnishing and decorating your home. Cheetah print tends to be the most “on-trend” print right now, but it is not the only option, especially if you want to avoid being a bit too basic, which those of us who love all things artsy usually tries to stray away from anyway.

Tiger, zebra and even giraffe print are also all great options when looking for a rug or rugs to decorate your home with. They look great while still representing your creative side. The only thing to keep in mind is that they can sometimes be difficult to match with other furniture and décor in the home. As long as you have a plan on how to match everything together, you’ll be good to go and have an awesome home to show for it.

Floral Rugs

TRA02 from Tranquil by Nourison

If you’re not only an artistic spirit but also someone who is an optimistic individual, any rug with beautiful floral prints, especially those with bright fun colors, will fit your personality perfectly. The great thing about getting a floral rug is that you can go as sweet and subtle or as bright and crazy as you want.

Another plus side to buying floral rugs is that, like animal print, you’ll always be on trend. This rug style is also one that ages well. It’s fitting for any age and while more feminine, can be placed anywhere within a home. Floral rugs can go in the bedroom of a 3-year-old or the bedroom of a 30-year-old and look just as good.

Rainbow Rugs

Hussey Moroccan Shaggy from Expo Lux by NuLoom

Nothing says artsy and creative more than a rainbow pattern. Unless you’re someone who is more into dark colors and patterns, rainbows are universally loved and will be by anyone who walks into your home. A rainbow-colored rug doesn’t necessarily have a rainbow on it. Instead, it just needs to have a rainbow color pattern for that beautiful, artsy effect we all love.

As opposed to animal print rugs, rainbow rugs can be easier to match with whatever furniture or home décor you have. The only challenge that comes with it is making sure that everything comes together nicely, but as someone who has a creative side, there should be no problem doing so.

Neon Rugs

Allard Striped Shag from Expo Lux by NuLoom

If rainbows aren’t your thing but you still love bright colors, neon rugs are a great way to go. Although they aren’t typically recommended for social areas like the dining or living room, neon rugs are perfect for places like a home office where one might need the bright colors to stay motivated while getting work done.

Neon rugs also look amazing in kid’s rooms and rooms of young teens. They can also help spark creativity in children from a young age. And the fact that most neon colors tend to be gender-neutral doesn’t hurt anything either.

Geometric Rugs

Sarina Diamonds from Bodrum by NuLoom

Although many of those who are artistic and creative enjoy vivid, bright colors, it may not be everyone’s go-to style. If you’re someone who prefers darker or more neutral colors, you can still find a style that represents your artistic side. Geometric rugs can provide that perfect balance.

The great thing about geometric rugs is that while they have an artsy feel, they’re still subtle enough to place anywhere within the home. And if you are someone who likes being creative, chances are you probably redecorate your home more often than most people.

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